The Alabama Bandmasters Association has released All-State Requirements for ! See The American Bandmasters Association Archives (ABA) covers the period from to . Donald McGinnis — Convention – Montgomery, Alabama, Feb. Journal of Band Research — Volume 40, , series , box 4, folder 1. Recent Performance Resume. Alabama Bandmasters Association State Music Performance Assessment: Straight Superior Ratings Azalea City.

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This series contains archival copies of the Journal of Band Research, arranged by year. Board of Directors Subseries 1.

Your ABA board works very hard for you while maintaining their own band programs, and we ask that you please be patient with them at the busy times of the year. Board of Directors Associafion and Information Bulletins, Timothy Mahr — Endurance — Commission — [no materials], Questions reflected on the mission of ABA, the changing membership, and the inclusion of women, among other topics.


Hill — Dances Sacred and Profane — [Composition not included], Emergency Notification System Subseries 3. Correspondence Files — T, series 2. Committee Reports Subseries 3. All-State will be in Huntsville. Some copies are included. The ABA Emergency Notification System was a phone tree for notifying members about xlabama information, such as deaths.

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Richard — [no materials], series 2. The current bylaws are online at www. Committee- Administrative Materials — Administrative Materials, You do not want to miss it!

The ABA has asked that when you are registering for events, you complete the process yourself by mailing the payment and registration to the appropriate person at ABA. Processing Information Processed by:.

District One

Crider — [no materials], series 2. Membership Committee Subseries 3.

Curnow — Symphonic Variants for Euphonium and Band — [no materials], series 3. The music performance classifications have changed for this year. Journal of Band Research Subseries 5.

String bass and percussion will continue with the current cycle of etudes. ABA Orientation Handbook, undated 1 folder This series contains two pamphlets used for orientation into the organization.


ABA Forms – Alabama Music Educators Association

Holsinger — Armies of the Omnipresent Otserf — [Composition not included], series 3. This series contains reports, correspondence, notes and speeches from the President to the Board and membership. ABA Bulletin Subseries 5. It is easier for you and benefits the organization!

History – Southside High School Band

Anthony Iannaccone — Sea Drift — [Composition not included], Ostwald Composition Contest Subseries 3. Thanks for your attention to this detail. Wilson — See George C.

Committee Reports, 2 folders This series contains committee reports. For other related archival and manuscript collections, please see the following subject guides.