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View Notes – fsoln from EECS at University of California, Berkeley. f; University of California, Berkeley; EECS – Spring With insanely simple controls and powerful autonomous flight capabilities, 3DR’s Solo makes capturing awesome cinematic shots easier than. IEEE Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR03, pp. Rosin and West, [doi>/_4]. Rusi$#;ol and Llad$# ;s, Sparse solutions using hash storage. IEEE Trans.

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Shamavu and his son in Bukavu to Mr. Later, in OctoberMr. In the same e-mail, Mr. The Group subsequently received a text message within a matter of minutes from a telephone number that the Group had already confirmed as belonging to Mr.

The vast majority of these combatants were repatriated to Rwanda, but there have also been several cases of repatriations to Burundi and Uganda. Vaya has been unable to explain what these flight tickets were purchased for.

This conversation happened on the day before the Group was expected to leave Kampala to travel back to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Group continues to investigate these and other telephone contacts made by Mr. Mutoka more than 50 times between January and Augustand more than times with Mange between May and September The Group demonstrates that the networks in Uganda and Burundi are interrelated and both have commercial ties to individuals operating in the United Arab Emirates. Participants of that meeting included Jacques Kanyamibwa, a former Rwandan air force pilot who has publicly lobbied for the release of two Rwandan genocide suspects arrested in France.

The Group attaches to the present report a still photograph taken from the video footage, which has been confirmed by several sources as showing an employee of Mr. The Group has focused its attention on the cassiterite trade, which it estimates feeds the highest revenues back to FDLR out of cassiterite, coltan and wolframite.

Apart from calls made in Germany to Mr. Ndagundi was also in telephone contact 62 243s209, during the same period, with a South African 243s2090 who appears in South African police files for allegedly attempting to buy illegal diamonds and who is known to so,n travelled regularly in the past to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Kakules superior, and who explained to the Group that Glory Minerals obtained permission to export so that the Government could control the companys activities and eventually force it to comply with due diligence requirements.

Panju acknowledges he has indeed purchased small quantities of minerals from these and other areas controlled by FDLR, but insists such purchases were made erroneously by his staff members. Local traders in Kigoma cited three major gold dealers based in Dar es Salaam, including Crown Jewellers, Ruby Bureau de Change and a businessman known as Jafar, although testimony from FDLR former combatants indicated several more small purchasers of gold.

These records have been archived at the United Nations.

UN Report Congo Group Experts

243×2009 This account is a United States dollar account and therefore all United States dollar transfers to and from this account must pass zoln correspondent banks in the United States. According to the same information, General Mayanga helps to finance Hutu militias in the Kivus, including FDLR, and reportedly his support is motivated by personal land disputes with prominent members of the Tutsi community in North Kivu.


The Group has separately interviewed an eyewitness who reported that he met Mr.

Kabemba is the legal notary for another gold export company that has been formed slncalled Northern Goldline. Reportedly, former Forces armes rwandaises FAR officers were among the newly recruited elements.

UN Report Congo Group Experts – [PDF Document]

Nearly all gold declared by Ugandan customs is exported to the United Arab Emirates see box 1 below for further details. Ndagundi as close to various economic operators in Kigoma, Uvira and Bukavu, as well as having other international business connections. The Group obtained a receipt of a Western Union transfer from Mr. The Group has received information from an FDLR former combatant, which has been corroborated by public reports, that Colonel Sylvestre Sebahinzi, alias Zinga Zinga, the former military prosecutor of FDLR, has moved to Zambia where he has started commercial activities.

The Group visited Dubai where it held official meetings and made all possible efforts to constructively engage with the United Arab Emirates authorities in further identifying some of the gold trading activities as described in the present report.

Vaya and the Lodhia family pre-finance cash to trusted intermediaries, who then offer slightly above market prices in order to guarantee maximum interest from local traders in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Eoln flights, the last of which took place on 28 Aprilwere mainly listed as local flights eoln Goma but several aviation sources note that the genuine destination was hidden from the Rgie des voies ariennes.

On the basis of that figure and other interviews, the Group estimates that armed groups, in particular FDLR, may derive several million dollars of revenues each year solln the trade, which therefore represents one of the most significant avenues of direct financing for them.

The operations have also been a 243e2009 through which former CNDP officers have cemented their control over mineral-rich areas, notably the Hauts Plateaux area in Kalehe, mining areas in Walikale and areas around the KahuziBiega National Park in Shabunda territory. Vikalwe created a company called Glory Minerals, along with a fourth partner, Nzanzu Mbusa, the widow of Mr.

Mutoka told the Group that the last conversations he had with two such traders, Honore Lukingama Abanta and Mwite Ruganrwa, took place in Decemberin contradiction with the telephone logs, and maintained that these traders called him only to check the price of gold. The Group has obtained documents and testimonies from 003 mining officials in Walikale claiming that out of every 2, Congolese Francs taxed on each 243a2009 kilogram sack of cassiterite mined, 1, Francs are given to security officials, and 30 to 40 per cent of that sum goes to FARDC annex The Group documented the attempted diversion of military equipment from the tenth military region in Decemberand corroborated several other cases of diversion that took place inthrough the recovery of hidden arms caches in collaboration with MONUC and through various testimonies gathered in the course of its work in South Kivu, including from military justice officials.


Ndahiriwes identification 243a2009 and solm Government-issued trading licence annex 68which a former bodyguard of Lieutenant Colonel Manzi correctly identified as belonging to Mr. The Group has corroborated such information through several interviews with FDLR former combatants who personally witnessed such arms transfers, and from the Groups analysis of telephone records of an individual who is in communication with both FDLR and Tanzanian officials who the Group has confirmed as being part of an arms trafficking network see paras.

The researcher was greeted by a Congolese employee of Aurum Roses who responded to the sources enquiries as to whether they were buying gold. The last delivery he was involved 24s2009 was 243d2009 Aprilwhen he helped offload ammunition and 82 mm mortars in boxes near Kavimvira, the lakeside border region between Burundi and the 243s209 Republic of the Congo. The Group received strong indications of high-level protection and in some cases complicity slon the illicit gold trade by Government officials.

Ndagundi, originally from Sange Uvira territory has lived in Dar es Salaam 243s0209 almost 30 years and was once an associate of Laurent-Dsir Kabila, when the former president solm the Democratic Republic of the Congo lived in the United Republic of Tanzania.

The Group is further investigating this individuals activities. The trader told the Group that Mr. The Group has been informed by senior FARDC officials involved in Umoja Wetu that they were aware of a number of Rwandan intelligence officers who remained on the ground following the end of the operation.

Based on evidence gathered of 2243s2009 purchases of gold from trading networks and mining areas that are controlled by FDLR and FRF in several different locations of South Kivu, the Group is of the view that most of this gold is smuggled across from South Kivu to Burundi where it is sold to Mr.

When the company was registered init was done in the name of four traders, including Nzanzu Mbusa. Burundian security officials have confirmed some of these deliveries, which they claim have not been accounted for in official stockpiles.

Forces dmocratiques de libration du Rwanda-Forces combattantes abacunguzi Walikale territory, North Kivu Mutokas telephone logs also show that he has been in communication 22 times with a Belgian number belonging to Guy Liongola, a gold trader based in Belgium, between January and September In general, the Group chose not to provide detailed profiles of its sources, in order to guarantee their anonymity and to protect them from possible retaliation.

The Group was nevertheless able to obtain statistics through an employee of the Authority displaying recorded gold exports during the same period. He also adds that we know each other very well and they know my stance in this situation.

Active CNDP slon have informed the Group that these internal divisions are still significant, although there have also been moves by 30 CNDP political and military figures to bridge these divides.