Answer, ✴ Summary of “Photograph” by “Shirley Toulson”!! The poem ” Photograph” is composed by “Shirley Toulson”. In this poem, poet is. A Photograph by Shirley Toulson This is a poem of remembrance with a rather sad tone. It brings into focus the unstoppable changes ‘time’. Used in Class Mount Carmel School,AN, New Delhi by darKRomeo.

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Their happiness shows in their faces. Whenever mother used to see at the photographshe remembered her innocent childhood fuIl of ecstasy. They had gone to enjoy their holidays on the beach in guiant dresses.

I have done my M. Notify me of new posts by email. Riya says 7 months ago. Taking all of these significations underlying the photograph into account, the opening sentence of the poem carefully sets the mood and tone for the poem and its overarching subject of losing a mother.

A Photograph – A Poem BY SHIRLEY TOULSON

The poet, Shirley, was not born then. And then, like the poet, one has to take resort in nostalgia and fond memories of the past to soothe their hurting self. The poet is left without words, she has nothing to say.


The poem “Photograph” is composed by “Shirley Toulson”. I find personification in the last line.

Summary for a photograph by shirley toulson

This is because the dictionary probably does not have words enough to lend proper articulation to such pain. Sajan jose says 2 years ago. When we grow older and are made to become mature and serious over time, we often outgrow the youthful care that could once be felt toward small little things like a visit to the beach, and how even such small events were accompanied with efforts snirley dress up and look the part.

She rues its occurrence, but is powerless to do anything else. An Allusion is a reference or an incidental mention of something; either directly or by implication. All of them were radiant and full of hopes.

It shows her mother, a year-old girl, frolicking in the sea beach with phottograph of her younger cousins, Betty and Dolly, at her sides.

The mother feels nostalgic looking at her bygone years. Alliteration is the repetition of the w letter generally a consonant of several words marking the stressed syllables in a line of a poetry. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply.

Shobhit Saheb Dey says 3 years ago. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: What is silenced and how has it silenced the poet? Summary for a photograph by shirley toulson. And she used to laugh watching this snapshot. Its title is very much appropriate as it reminds the poet of his mother.


A Photograph by Shirley Toulson | Impact Writing

You are commenting using your WordPress. An old un-framed family photograph mounted on an ordinary cardboard has turned brownish and somewhat frayed with the passage of years. I can personally relate this poem a lot to the loss of my aunt and the photographs that I printed out to keep revisiting her photoyraph my mind. Therefore, it must signify that the mother had died about 12 years ago… ie, the same number of years as the girl was aged at time of capturing of photograph her younger self.

In the last stanza the poet says That her mother, who is the girl in that photograph has been dead for almost years equivalent to how old she was when that picture was taken. She recalls the moment when her mother was twelve years old and looked sweet and happy.

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