community work practice occurs. Values underpinning ethical practice. Like all other professions, community work is shaped by a code of ethics and a set of. The Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA) has developed its code of ethics, which sets the ethical and practice benchmarks for. Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA) Code of Ethics. Type: Webpage; Web address:

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You will be expected to adhere to the Code during your fieldwork placements so we encourage you to ask questions and seek advice codw your supervisors while you build up confidence in your practice.

You can learn more about membership here. ACWA members and dode community workers agree to the Code of Ethics and demonstrate adherence to the code in every aspect of their professional life.

Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA)

Working within an ethical framework is essential in community services where practitioners work with individuals, families and groups to maximise their potential and address social, cultural and economic issues. To help workers understand how to apply the Code in their practice several supporting resources have been developed.

Breaches of the code are a codde matter so we encourage you to download your copy and share this news with your networks. In the case of community work practitioners this is fundamental because zcwa work with some of the most vulnerable and marginalised groups of people in our society.

Endorsement form Endorsed training calendar. As the relevant professional body, the Australian Community Workers Association ACWA has set this framework for ethical practice in accordance with industry, employer, client and public expectations. Preferred citation for the Guide: ACWA maintains copyright of the Code however, you may distribute and republish it freely in your course materials ethica long as it is attributed to us: Additionally, next month we will be releasing a new practice guide, with indicators for professional practice, to supersede the existing Practice standards.


The responsibilities can also be introduced and explained in greater detail prior to the practical fieldwork components. Roles include intake, support, case work, crisis intervention, team management and advocacy. Practitioner responsibilities to employers are outlined in the code but it acws important to remember that they also have obligations directly to clients and the profession that may lead to ethical dilemmas.

Training endorsement What is continuing professional development CPD?

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Service providers The Code of ethics should be adopted alongside your organisational code of conduct as the framework within which your employees are expected to operate. While these two documents can be downloaded individually, they are not designed to be standalone. To launch the Practical Ethics Series the first information sheet, Addressing unprofessional or unethical behaviour in a colleaguehas been made available to members and non-members alike.

Breaches of the Code by practitioners are taken seriously so you should review the latest version to make sure your organisational policies are not in conflict with the accepted ethical expectations. For this reason practitioners are often distinguished by the client area within which they work.

Code of ethics and Practice guidelines

Students Make sure you have a copy of the Code and are familiar with the ethical framework within which you will be expected to work.


In a similar fashion, ACWA has developed a selection of information sheets, known as the Professional Practice Series, to support practitioners demonstrate professionalism in their everyday work, in line with the Practice Guidelines. A code of ethics is an explicit document that lays down the expectations of a professional working in the field. Download the Australian community workers’ Ethica of ethics. Download a generic version of the Code. The ethical framework should be used during course development to ensure graduates are work ready.

Benefits of joining Eligibility and forms Fees Members’ only area. Subscribe to our blog RSS. Professional and career development. As foundation documents for the Association, and the sector at large, they are reviewed periodically.

The revised document provides the foundation for ethical and professional practice in community services and is nationally applicable. What is continuing professional development CPD? The first information sheet, Professional and ethical use of personal social media accountsis accessible to all while future releases in the series will be restricted to members only. Download a customisable version of the Code insert your organisation’s name.

It is a requirement of all professions that its members adhere to ethical and professional practice guidelines. The code of ethics and practice guidelines are nationally applicable and ACWA members can be held accountable for breaches to the Code.