His short story “Aghwee the Sky Monster” (“Sora no kaibutsu Aguii”) combines both the central autobiographical motif of A Personal Matter with the surreal play . A college student takes a job as companion to a young composer who is considered crazy. The composer believes the ghost (Aghwee the Sky Monster) of his. Aghwee the Sky Monster is a ghost story that almost serves as a coda to William Blake’s more ethereal engravings. The narrator of the story.

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This is shown in the coda to “Aghwee,” when the narrator loses his eye in an accident. In comparison to other Oe Kenzaburo works, Aghwee the Sky Monster is different story to one he usually writes when looking at family relationships.

Aghwee the Sky Monster – Kenzaburo Oe

Vision, both of the real and the unreal, is a fundamental key to understanding the tale. This story has been lauded aghwwe comparative literary critics, being teh even to famous Japanese short story author Akutagawa Ryunosuke. There are any number of themes in the work that I have not talked about. This story portrays the effects on the father’s life of that decision. Retrieved from ” https: Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

How life is created by a story. His uncle introduces him to a wealthy businessman.

Japanese short stories short stories Novels by Kenzaburo Oe. The son is a fairly well known composer and is considered a rising star in the Japanese musical world. The student soon learns that the composer himself has just lost his child, a baby born with a brain tumor who was allowed to die in the hospital, and he deduces that guilt toward his lost child is causing D’s hallucinations.


The story reaches an end with the death of D on Christmas Eve. There maybe a way out of loneliness. How guilt can make us feel our lives are frozen in place. Ultimately, however, the narrative goes beyond the formal pleasures of the fantastic to suggest a moral dimension as well. The narrator is told by D’s estranged wife that D had killed their son, starving him because he was born with a brain hernia which later turned out to be a benign tumour.

He confronts the dying man, shouting, “I was about to believe in Aghwee! In answer D merely smiles; whether mocking or “friendly mischief” the narrator cannot tell.

Aghwee the Sky Monster is a ghost story that almost serves as a coda to William Blake’s more ethereal engravings. Although the student has often been lost in his own fantasy world of obsessive movie viewing—he immediately conflates Aghwee with the giant rabbit in the Jimmy Stewart film Harveyfor example—it takes him until the end of the story to truly understand the composer’s message.

Greetings to My Visitors from Malolos. I had never heard of Kenzaburo Oe.

Notify me of new comments via email. D says that when he goes outside, he is visited by the spirit of his son, who swoops down out of the sky: The fantasy in “Aghwee” is more contained but no less effective.

Or I’ll discover a film of unhappiness and fatigue on the face of a cheerful friend and clog the flow of easy chat with my stutter”. Aghwee the Sky Monster is one of those family orientated stories. The eye may look all right, but the truth is I have barely any sight in it Indeed, monstwr is also impressive as an almost textbook exposition of Todorov’s structuralist theory of the fantastic, in which the fantastic is characterized by a hesitation between a natural explanation and a supernatural one.


Four Short Novels by Kenzaburo Oe. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. From this he learns to understand the sky monster.

The Reading Life: “Aghwee The Sky Monster” by Kenzaburo Oe

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It helped me to understand what ghosts maybe.

I can be walking down a paved street when a sense of peril and unbalance will stop me like a rat just scurried out of mondter sewer. As he lies dying, the narrator asks him if he had simply made up Aghwee as a cover for his suicide, and says that he himself was about to believe in the spirit.

In a coda, the narrator returns to the recent incident when he was attacked by a group of children, who unaccountably became frightened and started to throw stones at him.

As he says in the story’s last lines, “When I was wounded … and sacrificed the sight in one eye … I had been endowed if only for an instant with the power to perceive a creature that had descended from the heights of my sky.