Four Tanzanian children with albinism who lost limbs in brutal attacks United Nations officials estimate at least 75 albinos were killed in the. Tanzania Nineteen people have been sentenced to death after being convicted of killing albinos, the Tanzanian government has confirmed. “Recent trends indicate a significant decrease of incidents of attacks and killings of” people with albinism, said Tanzania’s Legal and Human.

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She was strangled, murdered and body parts dismembered.

Persecution of people with killnigs sometimes abbreviated PWA [1] is based on the belief that certain body parts of albinistic people can transmit magical powers. According to Navi Pillay, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, because of the social and educational exclusion which can often occur there are often very low education levels in albinos, so that they lack social and economic tools to live productive lives.

Tanzania is the world capital for attacks on people with albinism and as of April, attacks on people with the condition had been recorded since by UTSS.

Tanzania’s Persecuted Albinos Are Singing for Their Lives

This often leads to a negative socialisation of the individual with albinism. The island, located in the middle of Lake Victoria, has garnered a reputation as kollings refuge for people with albinism, who face deadly persecution and being hunted for their body parts on mainland Tanzania.

Inpolice found at least 39 cases of illegal removals of the bodies of Albino people from tnzania graves or having body parts removed from their corpses.

Retrieved 20 April It has also been reported that “miners use the bones of persons with albinism as amulets or bury them where they are drilling for gold. It is clear that “the main driving forces underlying these profiling crimes are ignorance, myth, and superstition, such as the belief that individuals with albinism possess superpowers or that their body parts bestow tanzanja and health.

Fathers often suspect the mother of the albino child of infidelity with a white man or that the child is the ghost of a European colonist.


Organisations such as National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation NOAH[34] Tanzania Albino Centre TAC [35] based in Arusha, Tanzania; aiming to “improve the lives of albinos with educational and medical assistance so that they may live safe, accepted, and prosperous lives in the society of their choice. As the representative, on 11 March she submitted a message which overviewed the current status of discrimination against persons with albinism and possible pathways for change and development in albibo of albinos.

Titled Reported Attacks of Persons with Albinismthe document reviews countries and lists recent killings and other attacks, all within 23 African countries.

Persecution of people with albinism – Wikipedia

We seek a day when people with albinism will take their rightful place in all levels of African society and such days of discrimination will be a faint memory. GMRF in the last 20 years has hosted more than children getting akbino treatment, but the ones from Tanzania stand out, said Montanti.

In some communities it is “believed that contact with them will bring bad luck, sickness or death. Baby with ocular albinism able to see mom for the first time. Marilena Delli With the forthcoming album and the U.

In January”Prime Minister Pinda had declared war on the albino hunters, and in an effort to stop the trade in albino body parts he had revoked the licenses of all the country’s witch doctors who use the body parts in their black magic fetishes. Many albino babies become victims of infanticide due to these superstitious views. It is clearly revealed that no matter what mythical or spiritual mantra a person may be following or believing about albinos there is a general view in “nearly all cultures in the region of east Africa held and some still hold the view that albinos are less desirable beings who are less than human.

Part of a series on.

These ideas have been around for many generations, but in recent years witch doctors have been teaching killungs ideas about the promise of wealth, success and power when albino hair or limbs are used in a potion as part of witchcraft practices.

Archived from the original on 5 November Lack of adequate kollings protection for children with oculocutaneous albinism in South Africa. Over a day period, Brennan and his team rallied together a band of 20 members of the albino community on Ukerewe—all of whom were albio tried to make music. How fraudsters use tanzamia soldiers to prey on lonely hearts over the holidays Canada ‘No one is going to stick their neck out’: This issue with witchcraft and its power and influence is that a witch doctor has, as he is almost always “revered albijo society as ultimate truth.


It has run several campaigns against the persecution and discrimination of persons with albinism. Albinos in Tanzania are often treated with a mixture of contempt—fathers of albino children often abandon their mothers—and malevolent curiosity, which can result in attackers hacking off limbs or dismembering people with albinism in order to trade their organs and limbs.

A health intervention programme for children with albinism at a special school in South Africa. The Red Cross have made it very clear in their publications that the government must also take drastic steps in protection of persons with albinism to stop the persecution.

The killers and tanzznia accomplices use hair, arms, legs, skin, eyes, genitals, and blood in rituals or for witch potions. After events involving murders of albino tanxania by three Tanzanian men had been publicised by the BBC and others, the European Parliament strongly condemned the killing of albinos in Tanzania on 4 September They claimed that a traditional healer told them they would get rich if they mixed Mpunzi’s blood and parts with ‘muthi’.

Gradually, Brennan says, the group began to open up. He spoke to the house in March urging his colleagues “to join me and Mariamu Stanford in bringing international attention to this horrific abuse of human rights.

His attackers chopped off one arm and the fingers of the other and tried to pull out his tongue and teeth. There are 52 other families still awaiting justice”.