Yannoulatou, Anastasiou: Pamphlets, (Arthra). Jan 1, by Anastasios Yannoulatos. Currently unavailable. Product Details. Archbishop ANASTASIOS (Yannoulatos) of Tirana, Durrës, and All Albania, Primate of Albania. Professor Emeritus, National and Kapodistrian University of. Anastasios Yannoulatos Orthodox Church of Albania, Albania. International Bulletin of Mission Research. Journal. International Bulletin of Mission Research.

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Over the next ten years Abp. Anastasios and his Porefthentes staff bore fruit in the Bureau of External Missions within the Apostoliki Diakonia of the Church of Greecethe official publishing house and missionary arm of anastasos Church of Greece that was active in many fields, including Orthodox mission.

Laypreacher, catechetical work with teenagers; responsible yannoulaos Bible studies, students camps, missionary efforts in new social frontiers. A Research of Aspects of African Religion”. Anastasios drew on his academic work and field accomplishments in East Africa to establish the structure to train local leaders.

There was no surviving bishop, and no potential candidate who could be ordained to such a rank; only 15 retired and ailing clergy remained.

St. Pachomius Library

anastasiow Simultaneously, he has struggled as a peace-maker within the Balkans. Anastasios was ordained a priest and left for East Africa to celebrate his first liturgy in Uganda. After receiving his diaconate, Dn. This page was last edited on February 15,at Together with the work of revitalizing the Orthodox Church, innovative programs were also developed in the areas of health, social welfare, education, agricultural developments, culture and ecology.


Anastasios was elected by the University of Athens professor of History of Religions having established a center anstasios missionary studies during to at the university. Anastasios came down with malaria and had to return to Greece.

Vice-president of the Conference of European Churches — He developed the charity work, through the distribution of hundreds of tons of food, yannoylatos, medicine. Besides being a prolific writer, Anastasios is known for anastasis missionary initiatives in East Africa and critical leadership in the resurrection of the Albanian church in the 20th century after it was decimated by the Communist regime.

Current Eastern Orthodox PatriarchsMetropolitans and Archbishops of autocephalous and autonomous churches. Inthrough the proposal of the Academy of Athens and many personalities in Albania, he was a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Anastasios worked to create a strong Orthodox community through training and establishing indigenous leaders.

He was also honored with: Retrieved from ” https: Director of the Department of the Science of Religions and Sociology — Archbishop of Tirana, and All Albania June, onward. Chairman of the Commission of Solidarity in the Cyprian Struggle — Studied also world religions by travelling in countries where they flourish.

He took care of the translation efforts, the edition of liturgical and other religious books. Retrieved 3 February He founded yanniulatos monthly newspaper and three periodicals, as well as a Radio station. One of the places where Christmas was celebrated on Tuesday is Maaloula, a small town near Damascus, where residents still speak Aramaic, the language used by Jesus Christ.

Anastasios of Albania

With the doctors recommending his not returning to Africa, Fr. During his military service —54 he attended the Schools anaztasios the Reserve Offices of Syros and of the MB Signals to both first in rank and chief of School. Overall, a desperate situation existed. He was elected on June He established 50 Youth Centres in several cities. Member of the Philekpaideutike Society ff. Inhe was ordained a deaconbeginning his career in the Holy Orders. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Anastasios Yannoulatos.


Anastasios of Albania – Wikipedia

In this pursuit, he studied at universities in Hamburg and Marburg, with research work at the Makerere University in Uganda to collect material for his doctoral thesis “The Spirit Mbandwa and the Framework of Their Cults: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. At the yannoulattos time, he developed pioneer programmes in the areas of education, health, social care, rural development, culture and ecology.

During the political tension between Greece and Albania, he contributed to the relaxation yannoulafos the rapprochement of the anatasios countries. Member of many international scientistic committees, such as: John the Forerunnerin Kareas, Greece, that would participate in missionary work throughout the world. He is the current head of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania. After graduation he served for two years with the Greek army.

At the same University: