Rajeev Jhanji is an eminent scholar and teach of Vedic astrology. He has taught astrology for several years to hundreds of students in the Institute of Astrology of. Applications of Yogini Dasha for Brilliant Predictions [Rajeev Jhanji, K S Charak, N K Sharma] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is the. Applications Of Yogini Dasha For Brilliant Predictions has 5 ratings and 0 reviews . This is the first ever book on the use of Yogini dasha for successful.

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The rulership of these Yoginis is alternatively benefic and malefic.

In the dwadashamsha, the ninth lord occupies the sixth house in association with Ketu and the twelfth lord Venus and is aspected by the sixth lord Mars. Similarly placement or aspect of benefics or lords of benefic houses enhances the results of the house concerned. applciations

An Introduction to the Yogini Dasha – :

The ninth lord in the seventh, though exalted, is retrograde and associated with a debilitated Mercury. Yogini Dasha and the Annual Chart. The placement of an exalted eleventh lord Moon also in the ninth house aspected by a debilitated Jupiter from the fifth are relatively ineffective factors for mitigating the affliction to the yogjni house.

Sunsha marked it as to-read Oct 27, In addition, the appropriate divisional chart should also be considered.

Account Options Sign in. Aurobinda Acharya added it Jun 27, He has taught astrology for several years to hundreds of students in the Institute of Astrology of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi. The Best Books of Placement of the house lord in its own house protects the house and it will always improve the results of the house. The Sun occupies the adverse twelfth house and falls in the Rahu-Ketu axis.

Trivia About Applications Of Y Saturn is the unconditional maraka for any lagna. The position of the significator and the appropriate house thus function as alternative lagnas.


Applications of Yogini Dasha for Brilliant Predictions : Rajeev Jhanji :

Add 3 to it. Manohar Jha marked it as to-read Aug 16, Rao Snippet view – We see an imbalance of benefic and malefic periods operating through Yogini dasha in the life of an individual. The conditions of applicability of three applicatiobs — Vimshottari, Ashtottari and Yogini — are given thus:. The native lost his father on October 1, when he was running the Yogini dasha of Sankata-Siddha, equivalent to Rahu-Venus.

In the dwadashamsha chart, Venus as well yogkni the Rahu-Ketu axis involve the lagna. In addition, while examining a particular house, that house needs to be treated as lagna and all other houses considered in relation to that house. The first book ever in the history of Vedic astrology on the applications of Yogini dasha.

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Applications of Yogini Dasha for Brilliant Predictions

Rajeev is equally well versed in both the Parashari as well as the Jaimini systems of astrology which he employs simultaneously with great success. The ninth house is occu-pied by the eighth lord Mars and aspected by a retrograde sixth lord Saturn from the third house. There are many advantages of this system.

The Sun is afflicted in the twelfth house by its association with the eighth lord Mars and with Ketu. The eighth from the eighth house is the third house, an alternative house of longevity. Od Yogini dasha should be applied not only from the lagnas of the birth chart and the divisional chart but also from the house under consideration and the significator for that house.

Applications Of Yogini Dasha For Brilliant Predictions

applicqtions Yogini Dasha Major and Sub Periods. Yogini dasha is the finest, shortest and the most effective tool for paplications predictions in a well defined time frame. From the Sun both of them fall in the adverse yoglni axis. In the dwadashamsha the lagna is occupied by Ketu and aspected by Mars. Kaloian Ivanov marked it as to-read Mar 30, Confirmation of an Event.


Out of the three dashas applicable at the time of birth, Vimshottari dasha should be applied for the births at night during Shukla Paksha and Ashtottari dasha for births during day in Krishna Paksha. Common terms and phrases 5th lord afflicted Dssha Chart aspecting the tenth aspects the fifth aspects the fourth aspects the seventh astrologers benefic benefic planets Bhramari Birth Chart dasha systems Dashamsha debilitated divisional charts Drekkana Dwadashamsha eighth house eleventh Event f Lagna favourable fifth house fifth lord Saturn fourth house fourth lord horoscope house lord K.

Nimal Marasinghe marked it as to-read Feb 22, The Yogini operating at the time of birth was Bhramari whose full extent is 4 years or 48 months.

Hariprasad Sanathra marked it as to-read Jan 03, Venus, the sub-period lord is the owner of the ninth house from the lagna. The dashas propounded by various ancient masters were excellent for the three yugas — Satyayuga, Tretayuga and Dwaparayuga — but for Kaliyuga, dasha calculatation based on Yogini dasha is great for giving all types of results. The strength or weakness of a house will influence the results attributed to that particular house.

Vinita Garg marked it as to-read Feb 27, The ninth from the Sun is owned by Mars which is afflicted by the Sun and Ketu. Use of divisional horoscopes for spectacular predictions.