[PDF] Aqeedah Wasitiyyah By Imam Ibn Taymiyyah Aqeedah_al-Wasitiyyah_-_ , Download. Al-‘Aqeedah Al-Wasitiyyah Urdu Translation Version Book. Al-‘Aqeedah Al- Wasitiyya ranslation Version Book $ Lasaan Al Qur’an. Posts about aqeedah written by sughayyirah. Read the Arabic from here: .. 7From the Book: Sharh (Explanation of) Aqeedatul Wasitiyyah (arabic).

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Splitting and differing have overtaken the Ummah in this present time of ours so how can we unite the Muslims upon good and leave easitiyyah differing and splitting?

So make reconciliation between your brothers. As are the organizations for calling, etc.

Al Aqeedah Al Waasitiyyah Pdf Arabic 17

They are the ones who fuel this differing and they are the ones who encourage it and perhaps also make wasitiyyyah from it. He gathered the qualities of aqwedah, piety, honour and intellect. And they are the Sahabah and all who follow them aabic in beliefs, statements and actions even if they are few.

How can we say: It has been explained by a number of scholars past and present. The most correct thing which is said in that issue is: This being the century after the best three generations in which the Messenger sallaahu alaihi wa sallam said: We do not depend on anything other than the statement of Allaah and His Messenger.

But there is splitting. It is obligatory wsaitiyyah them: And what is correct is that they the jinn will enter Paradise, and the proof for this is what occurs in Soorah ar Rahmaan in which Allaah addresses the jinn and humans; He, the Majestic and Most High, states:.


Reported by al Bukhaaree and Muslim And those who say: He is well known and quick to comply with the truth and return to it.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. The author wrote this introduction to a book in Fiqh the science arbic how to worship Allaahthis from the comprehensive understanding he gathered by bringing the benefits in both areas of the religion, the correct belief and how to worship Allaah.

This is what the enemies want. Not splitting due to opinions, desires, groups or parties. That will come from calling to agreeing with and uniting upon the truth and agreeing with and uniting upon the correct belief. He learnt from the scholars in his country and heard from their scholars such as Abu Bakr ibn Labaad rahimahullaah and Abu Fadl al-Qaysi rahimahullaah.

Indeed My Mercy has preceded My Anger. Aqeedatu Safaareeniyyah December 11, Arabic text: Rather that differing which occurs due to following desires, or due to loyalty based on partisanship and groups.

He Allaah will forgive you your sins and He will save you from a painful torment of Hellfire? These people have made His Anger precede His Mercy. His books are a proof of this.

AlAqida Al-Wasitiyah

Secondly — with respect to their station with Allaah, and there is no comparison to be made either because this is something which we are ignorant of. As for the one who says: It is upon the rectifying callers to act upon this.


So this arsbic of the two wives was more excellent from one angle and this other one was more excellent from one angle. That happens at the hands of the Scholars and rectifiers. The elders amongst the people of knowledge recognized his status. So what remains for us is to assess the actions which are manifest — which of the two was more excellent: We must unite upon the truth, upon the correct belief, upon good Islamic behavior. As a file without spaces: All of this blameworthy splitting and differing should be left off.

[PDF] Aqeedah Wasitiyyah By Imam Ibn Taymiyyah

So whoever has embraced Islaam then they have sought the Right Path? This site uses cookies.

Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both jinn and humans deny? Or do we aqedah that we do not depend upon the wasitiyyyah of anyone except for the statement of Allaah and His Messenger? And if it opposes other than it, then it is returned back to at tarjeeh giving preference to that which is more correct. Rather the statement of the Companion certainly constitutes a proof — with the condition that it does not oppose a text, and that it does not oppose other than it.