Buy ARINC Guidance For Tool And Test Equipment (Tte) Equivalency from SAI Global. mended in the amm, equivalency must be established by following the detailed guidance provided in the arinc report. , “guidance for tool and test equip. ARINC Uploaded by Anonymous QFuHHlM. ARINC Report Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for.

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Calibration data and a green page amendment giving instructions for the use of the ANZES tool will also be approved by this assessment. The working group plans to examine software loading, security and configuration management related to ARINC zrinc its next meeting in September.

This is an enhancement to the OEM information and does not affect the process or information contained in the Component Maintenance Manual. How alternate TTE operating procedures are created or adapted?

The alternate solution is an existing fixture used for similar maintenance tasks. In order to ascertain the actuator bearing centreline distance the deviation of the rod end cap fitted to the rod end of the actuator from this zero position is measured by the dial indicator and the following calculation performed: The analysis of the EFICD schematic and the ATE test procedure delivers sufficient information for an equivalent test solution using a locally fabricated adapter box, standard power supplies, digital multimeter for voltage and current measurements and an ARINC reader.

ARINC sponsors aviation industry committees and participates in related industry activities that benefit aviation at large by providing technical leadership and guidance and frequency management. Accuracy Specification As the bearing centreline distance for the slat actuator is derived from the geometry of the test fixture and the known distance from the actuator mount to the fixed distance block it is necessary to verify these dimensions.

Prioritization of effort Implementation schedule Define organization s responsible for determining equivalence Roles and responsibilities defined for each organizational element Define qualifications for personnel authorized to determine equivalency Process fully documented within the MRO organization Process linked to Quality Management System QMS – QMS should refer to the TTE equivalency process – QMS should define how the external suppliers comply with the equivalency process 4.

Drawing is required urgently to allow time to have unit manufactured and checked prior to next round of C-checks. Problem reporting and corrective action procedures for TTE Equivalency? Where possible, the information necessary to establish equivalency should be contained in the appropriate industry standard maintenance documentation. They have not, however, provided significant guidance as to what constitutes this equivalency.


It is important for airline support to be gained prior to submittal. The ARINC commercial aviation standard for testing line replaceable units is being revised to accommodate the expanding role of electronics in new aircraft design. Continued airworthiness programs typically rely heavily on maintenance data provided by the airframe manufacturer, engine manufacturer, or the component part OEMs. When using the Word file version of the following template, update the header and footer to identify the project.

Adjustment Procedures Tools may be reworked to ensure compliance with the appropriate drawing. Alternate tool has equivalent material to handle the heat of the housing being assembled and all safety constraints depend on the use of protective clothing for operator.

Items may be repeated for additional errata. Attachment 2 provides a checklist to assist in evaluating equivalency program and process attributes. The arimc and format of the documentation in a CMM is not standardized nor is the means for verifying the quality of the data therein. As the mounting features of are identical to those of Boeing C the accuracy specifications for these features are as specified by Boeing in Ref B.

Determine that the alternate TTE and related procedures meet the requirements of the specific task or group of tasks at hand – substitution approved for specified tasks only Determine that the alternate TTE and related procedures are qrinc identical to the original recommendation – global substitution 3. Airline support — number and strength of airline support for the project, including whether or not an airline chairman has been identified?

How source documents are updated for alternate TTE? The fitment of the actuator into both tools is identical. Depending on the category and complexity of the TTE, the data may include but is not limited to the following: In such cases, the selection of alternate TTE should be based on meeting the original maintenance task requirement, rather than showing equivalency to the OEM-recommended TTE.

Product Focus: Expanding Scope of ARINC 625 Test Equipment

Test Fixture – L. In addition, functional equivalents allow for the same ability to identify defects related to airworthiness decisions. In the absence of any significant industry standard or guidance, each airline and repair arimc has had to derive their own procedures to develop and document the functional equivalencies they have employed.


IT Assessment report B In order to facilitate the continuous product improvement of this ARINC Standard, two items are included in the back of this volume: The test setup used in this example is based on CMM data and represents in total a Category 3 application. The process described in this section should be applied to Category 2, 3 and 4 TTE.

The component manufacturers should arlnc that task requirements are not overstated. Fields that cannot be completed may be left blank. Those growth areas could even include motors or generators, he adds. The equivalency determination has to be performed for each element used for the task at hand. As such, they are responsible to ensure that any organization performing maintenance arknc that aircraft, engine, or component parts follows the processes and procedures defined in their continued airworthiness program as approved by their local regulatory agency.

Another issue the working group plans to discuss is configuration management, involving software loaded into avionics units. Qualifications for arnic personnel involved?

ARINC REPORT ()_图文_百度文库

Any project extending beyond rainc single year will be reviewed annually before being reauthorized. The Transient Nature of Digital Design. ARINC seeks to define test specifications for next-generation aircraft programs, such as the A and B, but also will continue to apply to current and legacy aircraft. Suggested Subcommittee assignment Identify an existing group that has the expertise to successfully complete the project.

When the airline or repair station chooses to deviate from the OEM recommended equipment, it should be demonstrated that the alternate equipment meets the requirements of the task at hand. How the process is maintained and updated?

Other organizations, such as airframe manufacturers, avionics vendors, etc. How calibration requirements for alternate TTE are developed?

The process details are documented below. How maintenance requirements for alternate TTE are developed? Figure 1 is provided to assist in establishing when an equivalency determination is necessary. Do the process documents define: ARINC was incorporated in by four fledgling airlines in the United States as a privately-owned company dedicated to serving the communications needs of the air transport industry.