Editorial Reviews. Review. “Mr. Bernays was one of the first people to expand what had been a narrow concept of press agentry, or working to influence. When Crystallizing Public Opinion was written in , it became the first book- length discussion of the scope and function of professional public relations and of . Books by EDWARD L. BERN AYS CRYSTALLIZING PUBLIC OPINION () AN OUTLINE OF CAREERS () {Edited and contributed to) PROPAGANDA.

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They were the “shirt stufrers” of their day and they and their clients were often held up to public ridicule. The Greek word demos, “the people,” has given us our word democracy.

The friendly and hospitable aims of this committee, broadcasted to the nation, helped to reestablish New York’s good repute. All the avenues of approach to the public were utilized to capitalize the public interest and bring public action. A number of companies set up their own public relations de- partments. The concept emphasized in this book, that every entity should learn to understand the public and act constructively to ensure its favor, gained some acceptance.

He also sent a copy of the article to members of his relief committees throughout the country.

Crystallizing Public Opinion

Many outside forces, however, do go to influ- ence public opinion. Any idea could be built up if dealt with skillfully. Success enables the winning crowd to ‘crow’ over the losers.

The mails carried statements of Lithu- ania’s position to individuals crystalluzing might be crystlalizing terested. Jan 30, Chayanne Bardmess rated it it was amazing. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind. The other theory is that people are malleable and can be made to think whatever you want them to.

In order to understand public opinion, one must go back to the individual who crystallizinh up the group. Hi Foreword to Original Edition. With the growth of the social sciences, research has been expanded in the last decade and a half. Lippmann goes on to say that “having hired him, the temptation to exploit his strategic position crytallizing very great.


Some regard professional public relations as the overall personality and policy of an organization. He may then advise his client to institute a children’s diet service. I shall never forget the delegation of American news- paper men, led by John Nevin, I saw come strid- ing through that Holy of Holies, the French For- eign Office, demanding that they be admitted to the.

Crystallizing Public Opinion – Ig Publishing

The public read these stories with avidity and Roumania became part of America’s popular knowledge with opinjon valuable results for Roumania. I think it’s because there was quite a bit of repetition.

Business and sales are no longer to be had, if ever they were to be had for the asking. The public, in response to the efforts of the company, which were analogous to a gra- cious personal apology, accepted more or less irk- some conditions as a matter of course. The 17th and 18th Centuries saw the rise of political reformation and with it better education, greater bernaya of the suffrage, an increase in literacy and many social changes that produced a closer relationship between people.

They find the public un- receptive to their point of view, and justly or unjustly they attribute this to the influence of an- tagonistic interests upon the public mind. The Latin language shows this Roman under- standing of the importance of crystqllizing opinion. When the Health Department recognizes that such diseases as cancer, tuber- culosis and those following malnutrition are due generally to ignorance or neglect and that ameli- oration or prevention will be the result of knowl- edge, it is the next logical step for this depart- ment to devote strenuous crystalliziny to its public relations campaign.

Highlighting the correct group identity for the purpose at hand is bdrnays more effective than trying to change the stance of an individual group. The counsel advises on, and to some extent directs and supervises activities which affect the public. Tarbell, and publishers such as Hearst, fought the trusts vigorously.

Articles about public relations appeared in magazines of general circu- lation, such as The Atlantic Monthly crydtallizing The American Mercury and in Business Week, Na- tion’s Business and other similar journals. The long introduction, added after the first addition, discusses the history of public relations. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.


His primary function now is not to bring his clients by chance to the public’s attention, nor to extricate them bernwys difficulties into which they have already drifted, but to advise his clients how positive results can be accomplished in the field of public relations and to keep them from drifting inadvertently into unfortunate or harm- ful situations. Why is it difficult to start a new party movement — or to fight cancer?

The public relations counsel must understand the social implications of an individual’s thoughts and actions. It was accurate only as a designation of good public relations. But despite this, the activities of the pub- lic relations counsel affect the daily life of the entire population in one form or another. Five years later—again just a year after Lippmann’s The Phantom Public appeared—Bernays published a second book publoc public relations, Propaganda.

His salary was one which many bank presidents might envy. A distin- guished visitor from crystallkzing, Lord Leverhulnie, became interested opinlon the question while in this country and crystallizijg the magazine and the article the basis of an address before a large and influ- ential conference in England.

I was crrystallizing staff member of the organization here and at the Paris Peace Conference. Bernays quotes Trotter stating that herd mentality affects people all the time, not only when they are part of an actual mob in the street.

Tragedy carried out the traditional legendary sentiments. The skilled scientist who may be receptive to any promising suggestion in his own field may out- side of his own field be found quite unwilling to make any attempt at understanding a point of view contrary to his own.