Read the entire series of Jolie Wilkins, Dulcie O’Neil, Lily Harper, and Bryn and Sinjin. Looking for a vampire and fantasy romance series that’ll keep you on your toes? Start reading Jolie Wilkins series, a paranormal romance series about a witch. Stand Alone or Series: 3rd book in the Jolie Wilkins series. Source: Novella Review – Bewitched (Jolie Wilkins, Book ) by H.P. Mallory (4/5.

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If anything, this paints Sinjin in a more heroic light and you simply want to slap Rand and tell him to wake up and stop being a weenie.

Do you want emotion? Not to mention, she taunts the reader with a teasing last word Otherwise I really do like this series.

Jolie Wilkins Series by H.P. Mallory

A six-hundred-year-old English vampire with his own agenda; one that includes an appetite for witches. Can’t wait till February!!

I was hoping for more background on Rand. Overall, although this was a fun and easy read, it was my least favorite book in the series. I am still on Rands side though.

It did give me a little bit more insight into Rand and what made him say and do the things that he did. Jolie also gets pretty much no resolution with her guy situation and I just want to move past her guy issues and get on with the evil human vampire baddies.


But the allure of a vampire’s sexuality during a feed was too much for Jolie, and she fell prey to the sexual desires and the site and jolje were overwhelming to Rand who had yet to reveal the true extent of his feelings for Jolie. It was left on a cliffhanger and I was so ready to read more.

Rand was rather stalker like through the entire book. It didn’t change anything and his character was too contrived.

Overall Writing style, story line, and general: Mallory series Jolie Wilkins 3. I thought I would get to see more of who Rand was, but the thoughts I read in this novella were nothing new, just a little more detailed. She is smart, funny, and likes her independence It’s like Midnight Sun is to Twilight. In my reader bewitcjed book is pages.

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Toil and Trouble

The loss he has felt, and never wants to feel again. As with book one I really enjoyed the wittiness of this tale. Even from her own self” And wilknis nothing is ever simple in the world of a prevailed upon MarySue, Jolie has another one of her lightning-strike realizations and decides that she doesn’t trust Sinjin.


No Were To Run. They weren’t lovers because Rand didn’t want to Bond with her. It was sheer beauty that makes me have a lady-crush on one H.

When I reached the end I couldn’t believe it. Sinjin was openly ready to commit to her and I could definitely see why he was such a temptation because he was always available whenever Jolie needed him. Seems like this author doesn’t know how to wrap it up into a nice put together story package.

But the sexual tension willkins is so much a part of the Jolie-Rand and Jolie-Sinjin is written so well that you are not sure who should win. If she wanted to bewiyched a brwitched romance, there’s a genre for that.

Jolie Wilkins Series | HP Mallory Paranormal Romance Series

The Witch’s Halloween Hero. Do you want to cheer your heroine on? The underworld in civil war. Got it on Kindle.