An offensive, in-your-face, brutally honest and completely hilarious look at male inner life and sexual fantasy. In the course of this hilariously honest boo. An offensive, in-your-face, brutally honest and completely hilarious look at male inner life and sexual fantasy—sure to be one of the most controversial bo. The self-absorbed narrator continually looks for (and finds) sex but is terrified, if not emasculated, by the prospect of love.

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But so far, with The Average American MarriageI’ve been getting far more messages from people telling me that they appreciate the honesty about sex and relationships in what I’m writing. Kultgen wants so much to seem that it’s all no big msle, but he instead ends up looking like someone’s 45 year old mom wearing a mini-skirt to a trendy nightclub.

It’s well-written and controversial.

You Can’t Handle the Truth

He thinks with his penis, and that’s the story. It’s really intelligent to keep us unsuspecting of the “philosophical view” till the very end. AAM is such an spineless novel because the protagonist refuses to be ethical about his decisions. Stayed up into the wee hours of the morning to finish chxd. Be the first to ask a question about The Average American Male.

Mann rated it it was ok. K seems to feel more keenly the artist’s doom. I may be ashamed of the fact that I identify with this character, but I do.

Just let us play video games and jack off 26 times a day to internet porn! Something that makes you think, “Ah ha, that’s why this book is this obscene for or teh pages. I can’t imagine that’s it.

The Average American Male

Each chapter is titled and, if the titles aren’t setting the scene or the mood, they’re a clever quip about what you’re going to be reading. Unintentionally funny, for obvious reasons. I have never been unable to finish a book I have not read that book myself, but I am basing this discussion on aevrage popular opinion that it is not a good book.


Jun 04, Jay rated it it was amazing.

If you disagree– if you’re brilliant, or if you think we’re all being snobs, then substitute a different book into this discussion. It’s so funny, in fact, that the author drops this pitiful little punchline after just two chaptersthen again three chapters later, then again three-ish chapters after thatand so on until the book finally comes to its pathetic conclusion. Does this guy really think we’ve already forgotten about American Psycho after just sixteen years? If you’re a fuckwit, don’t roll in it.

However, I don’t find this book misogynistic. The self-absorbed narrator continually looks for and finds sex but is terrified, if not emasculated, by the prospect of love. This book doesn’t even deserve the time I’m about to take to talk about how awful it is.

I can see how people might be offended at this, but I found it amusing. Oh, and the narrator of this book is basically Kyle from The Liewhich, i know this one was released years before, but they were basically the same person.

I can only recommend it to people who can read it past its literalness. Women love blaming their boyfriends for everything again, not everyone, but many when most of the time, they’re just as much at fault in their own heartache.

That’s exactly how I feel! But it does something those books do, it illuminates the facets of the character, even though the plot can feel dull and cyclical.

But, hey, i knew this wouldn’t end well. Quit trying to be average and acknowledge and express your uniqueness. Halfway through the book I was so ready to enjoy the main character’s punishment by the hoisting via a petard he’d made himself. I can appreciate that we all have dark sides, especially; self-serving, spoiled, ignorant, mass-media-soaked, hate-filled dudes, and we all sometimes think mean thoughts, even about tye own partners.


I read it on an Ipod and the pages were barely a paragraph long, so it was americcan to rip through. I am not satisfied by the vagina.

The Average American Male (Average American, book 1) by Chad Kultgen

Apr 10, Jason Edwards rated it it was ok. I gave it three stars, then one, then five, then three again. I can’t conspire to align her sexuality with mine, nor can I her plans for her destiny.

Now I’ll admit that this book is highly up for interpretation, and perhaps I’m the one that’s misinterpreting what the book is saying, but I don’t think I am, at least not wholly.

Then I got an email from the editor who was reviewing what I had written. It’s mundanity is overwhelming. Men need to give up the ideas of a “perfect woman” and settle for what they have. The most interesting aspect of the book is the main character’s remorseless obsession with sex. The book is set in L. It could have made its point and been raw and edgy and engaging without overstaying its welcome maybe that’s why the 30 second viral videos were such a “hit”, despite the fact that they sucked and weren’t at all funny.