D&D Conquest of Nerath vpdf ( MB) (Log in or Register to download.) Conquest of Nerath – french rules (Traduction des règles de. Dungeons & Dragons: Conquest of Nerath Board Game. Dungeons & Dragons: of plastic miniatures. Conquest of Nerath Rules Summary and Reference v1. Conquest of Nerath. Wage war in the Dungeons & Dragons world. War has come to the Dungeons & Dragons world! In the north, the undead legions of the Dark.

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If the defender is eliminated from the space the attacker wins that space. The biggest bad guys go first and completely decimate the map in one round. If you have moved heroes onto dungeon tiles they fight the monster or monsters there.

Victory points are gained by capturing enemy territories, but not by recapturing territories that you controlled at the beginning of the game so the game enforces and even requires advancement into enemy territories instead of simply losing a lot of your regions and then reclaiming them from an enemy. Pages with related products.

Only heroes fighters and wizards may move onto a dungeon tile. Enrath 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Tyrants of the Underdark Board Game.

Conquest of Nerath Board Game Review

Meanwhile, your armies will defend and expand your neratth, sail the seas to gain an island property, and establish castles from which they can build more armies on the front lines. In various places on the board are dungeon spaces which cannot be entered by normal units, except for heroes fighters and wizards.


CoN is a board game for players, with the nreath set-up allowing for both 2-vs-2 team play and a 4 player free-for-all.

So that while it says the game is playable by 2, 3 or 4 players it is really best played with 4 and the 2 and 3 player option is really best left to more experience players of the game. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

Conquest of Nerath Board Game Review | play board games

The factions are for the most part similar but the tokens for the footsoldiers, fighters, monsters, and dragons are different depending on the faction and each faction also has a unique event card deck that grants special benefits for single turns or battles.

To the south, the infernal Iron Circle launches its own goblin hordes in a campaign of conquest against the elves and corsairs of Vailin. To reinforce you army you may buy new units and nwrath them at your castles.

It takes significantly longer to play, but, boy, is it intense. These cards can certainly sway a battle, and lend some additional strategy and unpredictability to the game without being unfair. War has come to the Dungeons and Dragons world! Whether battling on sea, land or in a dungeon, the attacker may choose to retreat from the fight after each round.

Review: “Conquest of Nerath” D&D Boardgame

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If you beat a monster you draw a Treasure Card. Product information Product Dimensions 18 x 12 x 3 inches Item Weight 5. The box insert is one of the finest ever encountered in a game like this, providing excellent storage for the tokens, pieces, cards, and dice. This creates neraath somewhat perverse incentive to focus exclusively on offensive campaigns, and to avoid trying to reclaim your own lands from the enemy.


The main issue is that the game is designed to fit a narrative, and if you don’t want to play the narrative which it shouts at rles evil people overrunning the good ones who mount a HEROIC defence Rulws the attacker presses on you must continue another full round of combat. The units, despite being identical in the rules, all have slightly different molds, with the black dragons looking undead, the gold dragons having fairy-like wings, the evil factions riding dire wolves and the good riding horses.

Review: “Conquest of Nerath” D&D Boardgame — Critical Hits

Its asymetrical map, radically different factions and over-price and under-priced units look like a child’s version of a game that they made so that they can win. There’s quite a few exceptions to remember, but it all makes logical sense.

Dungeon delving is a gamble, but often one that pays huge dividends. The components of neratn game are high-quality, and the rules are clearly written.

Lastly you collect income based on the number of spaces you occupy. As it is, each dungeon just has 1 level with 1 or 2 monsters in it and the heroes don’t level.