PPML (Personalized Print Markup Language) is an XML-based industry standard printer . if someone wants to retrieve a document out of a PPML archive, the document will have to be converted to an image by a PPML RIP (just as a PPML . A system and method of operation is configured to generate a PDF document from a PPML document. In one implementation, the PPML document is parsed and. Aug 11, CheckPPML converts PPML output to a PDF file that contains the same output pages as those that would be produced by a PPML certified.

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At blockcnovert to govern use of the variable objects are configured and included, or referenced by, the PPML template. At blockthe user is allowed to adjust the properties. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The macro file may be obtained using a macro selection tool FIG. At dialog boxa user may load or attach a macrowhich has convedt custom-designed, to a variable object. Conventional tools may be used for these purposes. At blocka macro file is generated or obtained to contain rules governing use and reuse of the variable object.

The user interface for the plug-in seen in FIG. For example, the SourceResolver component is configured to resolve an asset such as an image, e. As will be seen in greater detail e. For example, the parsing component is configured to locate PPML global impositions and references to assets.

The graphical image may be selected with a tool such as image selection tool Reuse of resources solves only part of the problem. At blockthe assets are incorporated into the PDF document.

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Any device settings in PostScript will at most influence the size of that particular object. This also applies to the standard end to a letter, for the standard terms of payment or the standard policy conditions; there may be millions of copies stored.


The user is allowed to select a PDF object: For example, objects -within the PDF document treecould have been convdrt in this manner. The system of claim 21additionally comprising: A print server or file server is configured to receive a print job received conbert any of a plurality of workstations As we were talking, I could sense their frustration as they shared what they imagined to be additional time, resources, and costs associated with variable data.

Each individual data element only needs to be stored once.

During parsing, when a PPML tag refers to external objects, like fonts or images, they are un-marshaled and embedded within the PDF document tree. X, the abscissa in the relative media box system; Y, the ordinate in the relative media box system; W, the width of the rectangle; and H, conbert height of the rectangle. The imposition defines how logical pages will be mapped into physical pages.

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Accordingly, an apparatus which can enable low-end printers to display PPML print jobs would be useful. Search in titles only.

The properties may be saved as rules within the macro file The method of claim 27wherein resolving references comprises instructions for: In particular, the dialog boxshowing imposition properties for the template, provides an interface with which the user may input parameters that are used in the calculation of the imposition. Variables can include Text, Picture, Multi-line Article, or even Full Page information, and all styling is fully supported.

Note that saving as a PPML document having a. DesignMerge offered the capabilities we required to meet our customers needs at an affordable price while giving us options to expand our variable data capabilities. The exemplary environment also illustrates a low-end printer multifunctional peripheralfax machinenetwork copier or other printing or imaging device. Therefore further references to the object will be done through that name.

Moreover, the same reference numbers are used throughout the drawings to reference like features and components. To create compatibility the Graphics Arts Conformance subset was defined.


For example, while actions described in blocks of the flow diagrams may be performed in parallel with actions described in other blocks, the actions may occur in an alternate order, or may be distributed in a manner which associates actions with more than one other block. Producing a page of information based on a dynamic edit form and one or more transforms. For more information about DesignMerge technology, please visit www. For example, the decision to either compress or crop an image to fit a location would be governed by rules within a macro which are associated with a variable object within the PPML template Variable objects FIG.

A third development relates to the rise of XMLas a yo basis for multi-channel communication of documents to fax, internet, e-mail, electronic archive and printer. A processor-readable medium as recited in claim 1wherein interpreting the parsed structures comprises instructions for: Similarly, a go supporting a text variable may have parameters including: Instead, the user simply selects the file, such as by an interface seen at FIG.

Frequently Asked Questions

This results in extra costs, since such printers are most productive when printing very large jobs at very high speeds. Will your described method of conversion allow me to do that? Note that the parameters X, Y, W and H allow the poml to control with greater accuracy the original parameter too, which reflected the operation of the selection tool By comparing a given checksum against the checksum of the resource in the cache the printer can check that it has the correct version of the resource.

I hope this helps.