Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr. David Morehouse is the author of Psychic Warrior the story of his life as a former CIA psychic spy. Students find their way. Schnabel was commissioned to write a piece on Dave Morehouse for Esquire in , when Morehouse began to claim that remote viewing and Army. Remote Viewing The Complete User’s Manual for Coordinate Remote Viewing. David Morehouse. Discover a scientific protocol for gathering reliable.

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I had only a half-hour conversation with him by phone in Augustin which he talked fast at me about remote viewing and psychiatric issues, and then switched to a discussion of his book project and all the publicity it had attracted. The project trained military personnel as “remote viewers,” psychics who tried to spy on intelligence targets around the globe. We were then and still are today excited to be supporting the growing shamanic community in the US and at the same time providing a viewinb trade outlet for the exquisite artisans and the indigenous people of the Andes, the Amazon, Tibet and around the world!

All our products support at least one of the following: All downloadable audio and video titles are also covered by a 1-year guarantee.

In fact, he said, he had loved her for a while. It appears to be an attempt to mimic the story of remote viewer Joe McMoneaglewho really was hospitalized, and really did report transcendental episodes, after a near-death experience while in the Army in Europe in the s.

Like her more nubile predecessor down south, she was in love with the wily major. Not all items we sell can be shipped to every country. And the audience will gape up at the screen, feeding themselves with popcorn, and somewhere Morehouse will be laughing, all the way to the bank. We finish our training together with a final remmote exercise, including video delivery of coordinates and target analysis.

In one of her first statements to prosecutors, Angela Connor mentioned the expos on remote re,ote that Morehouse was working on with Dames. And it may be that the demons — or angels — you have lurking in your subconscious will rise to haunt you. For items purchases from Sounds True, which manufactured by other companies, we indicate the warranty period in the product description.


Two only had verbal descriptions. Morehouse heard about the Harmony deal over his field phone while on exercises with his battalion in the wilds of North Carolina.

The Remote Viewing Online Training Course

Frequently Asked Questions Q: Do you know how easy it would be for me to kill you right now? By Morehouse was a captain in command of a Ranger company. Morehouse was fascinated by the story. By adapting the training he underwent to become an elite psychic spy, Morehouse has created an accessible step? The Fort Bragg prosecutors made the charges sound fearsome: Audio files conveniently embedded within the book Please note that enhanced ebooks are available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Nook Color users only.

I would recommend this program to anyone serious about learning how to become a remote viewer and to those that want to learn to work with the abilities they already have.

I was sitting there and I still had — I was wiping tears from my eyes and I was rubbing my neck.

Remote Viewing – David Morehouse

Shamans Market is a labor of love and service. And no one ever asked him to come back. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Of those students, only two decided to stop their training remte they saw results. With integrity and heart.

The Truth About Dave Morehouse and Psychic Warrior

Return to The Remot Universe. He had told Morehouse about his marital problems, and Morehouse had briefly served as an unofficial counselor in this regard. I have never thought this other remote viewer to be a liar, but I checked morenouse story about remote influencing with a half-dozen sources in a position to know, all of whom told me that it was just bullshit.

They made eighteen pitches over several days, and eventually got some offers.

Moreover the book was heavily fictionalized, “a screenplay. Schnabel discovered a different story.

In any case, the book would be the Dames and Morehouse story, and they would jointly have editorial control over its content. There were only a few takers, and the targets they provided tended to be a bit flaky. This step-by-step program features more than 22 hours of audio instruction, more than pages of illustrated written material, and three moregouse sessions for testing your skills as they continue to grow. A dacid wife and family join him in being a total part of the team and community.


The Physics of the Metaphysics Remote Viewing is a method grounded in science and developed through methodical, results-driven research. To offer quality products that promote a lifestyle of living in harmony with each other daviid our Earth.

How do I process a return? But David Morehouse teaches that all human beings, including you, have the inborn capacity for Remote Viewing? How do I ship to an address that is different from my billing address?

I asked him, I said, “What are you looking for? Former colleagues will also be surprised to read that Morehouse was asked to “remote influence,” detrimentally, Saddam Hussein and other bad guys. You will learn an overview of the method, the foundations for your own practice, and take the first steps toward awakening your extraordinary potential.

Word on the street is that Sylvester Stallone wants to do the movie. If an item is out of stock and that information was not provided to you on the website, we will email you with additional information on availability. We have been taught that some things must be taken on faith. In this comprehensive manual, he has taken his military training as an “operational” remote viewer and turned it into a step-by-step training system—one that teaches any serious reader how to unlock their natural vieewing and become more viewin the physical world allows.

In this session, you have your first practical exercise as David Morehouse guides you step-by-step through the initial stages of the protocol. On the other hand, surveillance in such cases would probably be undetectable, and the idea that counterintelligence officials would actually advertise their presence or engage in harassment of the sort Morehouse and Martin described is just laughable.

Discover a scientific protocol for gathering reliable information across space and time. In any case, things were getting hot. We will do our best to meet your needs.