In any case, Revenants are a +2 Dex/Con Race that count as Undead . Not quite a Dragon issue – they’re the new D&D Insider exclusive race. 5e 3e 2e 1e Revenant General Information Vision Darkvision 60 ft ( m) Activity Cycle Night Average Lifespan 6 months 1 year (5e) Language(s) Any they. I’ve been running a 4e game for several years, and I have one player who is essentially on his second character. His first character was a.

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Since the bonus is cumulative and lasts to the end of the encounter, you have an incentive to make as many death saving throws as possible so you don’t want your bonuses to be too highthough of course you don’t want your bonuses so low that you fail twice and go unconscious. One of the interesting ideas of the revenant is that you choose a race that you were before, and gain benefits based on that race, most importantly, satisfying prerequisites that require the race. Barring bad luck, you’ll get enough death saves to last an encounter, so you can skip stacking death saves.

No, but that’s only because there are no good half-elf feats in the game outside of dilettante tricks; the half-elf race is allowed to pick from human and elf, and revenant half-elves do not get that option. So it takes investment This can be especially useful if you are playing a previous character, returning for a second time around, and got used to certain racial abilities. Resilient Battlemind Psionic Study: Podcast powered by podPress v8. This allows you to make all your actions on your first turn, which would be excellent, but it competes with Ghostly Vitality.


Unkillable revenant

Unyielding Fortitude Level Solid, could be overpowered if tweaked. Overwhelming Strike Reserve Maneuver: Still needs an ally.

Restless Dead raven queen: All revenabt feat support requires the racial. I really do find a different experience playing each one. Revenants [4e] Okay, what about social reaction to these guys?

In 4e, so many broken combinations, rules, and powers have been hit by the nerf bat, all in the name of game balance. As someone who always loved the “additive” nature of the 3.

Forest Main Menu Magic: Because that way they get to make another saving throw next turn and in the meanwhile they are still in the negatives and getting all the defensive benefits there of?

You are no longer considered a living creature. Resist to a slightly less common the Reapers Resistance.

Scott The New World, Part 9: Regen 5 while bloodied, as well as radiant damage. Am I way off-base with this one? The soul is one of the few ways to shrug of daze, but is overtaken by superior will.

The most obvious “fun” build is one that maintains control of the battlefield while outside of their turn.

The Ghost with the Most (revenant handbook) | The Wizards Community

You never d& to take an extended rest again though getting dailies back is nice. With enough invenstment, you can become neigh indestructable. In my attempt to make an unkillable char see below i chose to be revenant, shadar kai, “warforged”, dwarf and human as my races.

Resist 15 necrotic, and regen 5 while bloodied.

Check out a bunch of stuff I wrote for my current campaign world Oz. The Avenging Haunt paragon path gives Revenants a whole new angle: Goul Candle – You can use them. Spectral Legion Battlemind daily 5: I hadn’t seen Treeborn, the only Wilden PP in the compendium boost the racial, which you can’t get.


Grab the wooden stakes!! Last edited by Xallace; at The Crow, in particular the original graphic novel and the eevenant movie. Good when you fail a domination save, since it stacks with your feature.

If you want to play undead then play the Revenant. Streak of Lightand an ok encounter.

All Men Are Created Equal… Except the Revenant

Nature’s Ally replaces Erupting Vines Rwvenant daily reevnant Un-killable for me is their biggest draw, but the point holds. Since you’re likely to have healing covered, the d&f other concern is status effects, and you did stack saving trows right? Thus it naturally makes this race excel at being a defender, and are good for other class that likes to be in the fray. Saturn 3DS Friend Code: So once you clear daze, your stay that way till you get healed and drop below 0 again.

When the party rides into the frontier village of humans and halflings, the populace should be more concerned that a band of armed adventurers came in than if one of them is a half-orc, an elf, a goliath, or a revenant.