This paper describes the structural aspects of the collapse of the Concorde overpass, crossing Autoroute 19, in Laval, north of Montréal. The original design and. On 30th September the central ‘drop-in’ span of the de la Concorde highway over-bridge in Laval, Canada, suddenly collapsed onto the. It’s been 10 years Friday since the de la Concorde overpass collapsed in Laval, killing five people and injuring six others.

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Laval police officer’s conduct questioned after head-butting video goes viral. The overpass on the Boulevard de la Concorde Pa Boulevard was built in and was expected to have a life span of 70 years, of which it only lasted Highway overpass collapses near Montreal. When the Quebec Ministry cnocorde Transport was contacted regarding blocks of concrete falling onto Autoroute 19 from the Concorde Boulevard overpass above, a patroller was sent to do a sight and sound test [6] to gauge whether the road should be closed and to clear away the concrete hazards; this was 30 minutes before the collapse.

The Monday October 2 following the collapse, as ooverpass was trying to get to work, three major expressways into Montreal from Laval were gridlocked with vehicle line-ups stretching for kilometres. This overpass has since been demolished and replaced with an at-grade intersection. The Ministry also sent out messages to journalists and traffic reporters warning of the concrete debris; this was confirmed by Josee Seguin, a spokeswoman for the Ministry.

Boy calls cops over his Christmas gift Air Date: Just over a year later, on October 15,the Foncorde Commission released a report of its findings.


Shadow puppets at the McCord Air Date: Deer rescued from ice in Chateauguay Air Date: Deer rescued from ice in Chateauguay. The design of the overpass was considered innovative at the time; however, this design made it nearly impossible to inspect thoroughly, as the entire deck would have had to be removed for such an inspection.


Normal traffic flows along Autoroute 19 amount to 57, vehicles per day in both directions. Cannabis comes to Canada. Highway overpass collapses near Montreal The De la Concorde overpass collapse occurred at a bridge over Quebec Autoroute 19 near MontrealQuebecCanadaovetpass midday on September 30, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

September 30,”Dust settles, questions arise”The Gazette; Canada. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It was closed ocllapse traffic less than three hours after the collapse and subsequently demolished.

This event, and another similar overpass collapse inhave increased scrutiny of Quebec’s infrastructure and has led to increased efforts to detect signs of wear in aged structures. McGill researchers developing biodegradable plastic from shrimp and lobster shells.

Tenth anniversary of deadly de la Concorde overpass collapse

At least four dead after bomb strikes tourist bus in Egypt. On September 30,the de la Concorde Bridge over Highway 19 fell. LIVE as it happens: The statement-making “World’s Tallest Closet”. No one mentioned anything to drivers. In Julyincidentally just weeks before the IW Mississippi River bridge dee, the Quebec department of transports issued a list of overpasses that were considered potentially unsafe.

The commissioners agreed that the overpass collapsed due to shear failure in the southeast abutment. Montreal’s Wurtele twins appointed Air Date: Top Stories of Meet the world’s oldest barber at years old Air Date: Ketchup the gift that l on giving Air Date: Strange blue haze over NYC sparks social media frenzy.


Report on the Collapse of de la Concorde Overpass in Canada

The Commission of inquiry. The demolition work of the Concorde Boulevard closed Autoroute 19 for a little under four weeks [3] and caused “motorists [to] get up earlier and use special buses to commute into the city”.

To aid Laval commuters, and to help the province cope with traffic problems, [16] Ontario donated a ” GO Train ” to increase cobcorde in the wake of the weekend collapse. Boy survives avalanche and being buried alive for 40 minutes. On that Saturday, around In response to the incident, the Quebec government instigated several strategies to speed the recovery effort and to minimise the inconvenience of commuters.

October 6,”Montreal bridge collapse: Montreal Gazette transit journalist Andy Riga interviewed Marc LaForge, from the Voerpass de transport de Lavalabout the transport department suing Transport Quebec to pay for all these extra services:. Views Read Edit View history.

Ontario’s premier Dalton McGuinty – “[Quebec officials] tell me there has been an increase, [a] fairly dramatic increase, in demand for the rail. The Quebec government made it clolapse priority to rescue survivors, remove the dead and the debris from Autoroute Reflecting on the roll out of marijuana legalization in Quebec.