DGMS (Tech.) (S&T) Circular No. of Dhanbad, Dated.2 i 01·. The Owners, Agents and Managers of all mines. Sub Guidelines on Occupational . KB minsafety Apr on (Tech)(Approval) Cir No. Files > DGMS Circulars Name DGMS (Tech) Circular 1 of DGMS CIRCULAR LEGISLATIVE AMENDMENT IN THE MINES RULES, CLICK ME TO DOWNLOAD DGMS CIRCULAR.

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Mines and Minerals Bill.

No separate approval required sinceif conforms to relevant IS and covered under BIS licensing scheme. Protective Footwear Safety rubber canvas boots Protective boots for oilfield workmen Leather safety footwear having direct moulded soles Miners’ safety boots with leather soles Rubber knee boots Leather safety shoes for women workers in mines and steel plants.


Haulage rope for manriding. The operator can be evaluated and further training may be given if necessary.

Copies of the field trial approval letters are endorsed to dgns Dy. Distance of face from last ventilation connection: Electrical welding shall be done where necessary and where are welding is done, slag shall be carefully cleaned at each stage.

If couplings are procured from more than one manufacturer, the name, address and other relevant informations in respect of each shall be recorded in a bound paged book.

The objective is documentation of the standard procedure to be followed for grant of approval under relevant statute to equipment, appliances, machinery and other materials used in mines.


System study and Safety Audit for circulas purpose of eliminating the Risk of Accidents. Registrar of firms or societies enclose attested copies of certificate: This is true in all sphere of activity and is equally relevant in a hazardous occupation like mining where time and again experience has established the need for competent manpower, constant vigilance, sustained use of safe methods and quality materials and equipment which would go a long way in achieving better safety and health conditions of workers engaged in the mines.


Levelling Glossary of Mining Terms: These plans shall be brought up-to-date not less than once in three months and copies of the stone-dusting plan shall be provided to the officials and competent persons responsible for examining and maintaining the barriers. If the above reports are satisfactory, approval is granted for a specified period which differ for different equipment. The equipment need to remain safe under prolonged usage maybe even in adverse conditions.

Precautions to be observed during the operation and maintenance of Derrick Cranes.

Investigation into the causes of such failures of couplings have revealed that the defects were due to one or more of the following factors: The manufacturers are required to display the mark prominently on every product. Standard to which the equipment, material. Protective Footwear days 3 nos.


Comments on fragmentation, throw, etc. CO detector 90 days 3 nos. The said notifications are given at Appendix-IA.

DGMS Circulars 1935-2017

During the initial approval period if the relevant equipment has not been used, subsequent approval period will be same as that of initial approval. In some cases initial approval is granted for a period of one year after completion of field trials.

Performance test at two rescue stations. The test reports are examined with reference to relevant Indian Standards wherever applicable. Care shall be taken that the identification is neither too sharp nor excessive in depth.

Metal Restricted View Course.

DGMS (Tech) Circular No. 04 Date – Indian Mining Legislation

Dangers dgsm to blasting projectiles. Percentage of inflammable gas in general body of air, at the face: In respect of small mechanized mine the matter may be taken up by the group vocational training centres create common facility in dgks for simulator training. When in any entry a stoping is to be provided instead of a dust barrier, such stoping shall be explosion proof. The instructor should explain and demonstrate each stage, and should allow operator to practice in turn.

For steels mentioned at 2.