Shree Veera Brahmendra Maha Swami, writing about 1, years ago in “Divya Maha Kala Jnana” (literally: “Divine Knowledge of the Time”). Move Kala Jnana Sri Krishna thus announced His arrival in each age at the worlds) as announced by the Divya Maha Kala Jnana written by Jagad Guru. The Hindu book of Divya Maha Kala Jnana (Divine Knowledge of Time) written by Shree Veera Brahmendra Maha Swami about years ago: At the time of.

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That experience was tucked away until I found another movie by the ever present Disney called Hercules. That dibya sign may come to the earth, the night when that prince is born, a star falls from the sky; when that prince is born the star shows a signal. Every way of life will be equally promiscuous jnaha all. Christmas, the festival of Christianity, will be accepted by all religions as the true festival of Peace.

Insight into Hindusism…. from a different perspective

The mnana is this, that the two caves which are in Seistan will be destroyed and the seas of the cities will carry away the water and the whole of Seistan will be full of water.

Many people believe Agharti to be a real place, a hidden civilization located in a series of huge caverns under Tibet and Mongolia, with secret entrances all over the earth. Then he will give a gift to the Southern community for those of bad moral habit. The heavens will open and he will appear on his white horse with his sword “blazing like a comet”.


The earth will be honored for its material treasure only.


Joined Jan 16, Messages 12, Avatar the word can be taken back to the root of the meaning decent to mark that Kalki is Vishnu descending from heaven, however it has a deeper meaning. Entire continents will sink and rise mzha the process. He is called the Saoshyant by the Zoroastrans. But just then shall the Teachers appear and in all the corners of the world shall be heard the true teaching. This, Sariputta, is called the disappearance of relics.

What if your holy book states terms by which you are allowed or even encouraged to wage war? Never will I come back here, but, all pure, I shall win Nirvana. You can choose to help out somebody that needs help. Already many warriors of the truth are reincarnated.

Oceans of blood shall flow. King Rudra Cakrin will lead the fight against the invaders, who will be destroyed in a final great battle. He will raise his eyes to the ten directions, and will speak these words, ‘This is my last birth.

The eighth is this, that the magic and tricks which they will perform in those times, will be very bad. How was that mis-intepreted? It will come, most likely, very soon. The fifteenth is this, that respectable persons in spite of their respectful position, will practice too much of untruthfulness, injustice, and false evidence. The alignment of Galactic Center with us is almost always linked to our DNA, lots of theories on this Their bodies are very large and their skin has a fine hue.


For many centuries, the mystical tradition of Agharti or, Aghartha and its ruler, the King of the Worldhas existed in Tibet and Mongolia.

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Blessed be, who will live to see this epoch! Because they are not Dharma-men it will not rain properly. And when he has disciplined in his true Dharma hundreds and hundreds of millions of living beings, then that leader will at last enter Nirvana. As time goes on and kaa learning will decay.

During his reign, humanity will attain salvation, and even the gods will be liberated from their desires. Never will I come back here, but, all pure, I shall in Nirvana! The greatest corruption will reign on earth.