Earthworks [Brian W. Aldiss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In a future where the Earth has been savaged by overpopulation and. The future Earth of Brian Aldiss’s Earthworks is a moribund ecological disaster, ruined by poisons, greed, unsustainable development and. It’s a world whose natural resources are almost bankrupt; whose population expansion has reached the suffocating Point; whose technical development cannot.

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From inside the book. Feb 26, Stephen Theaker rated it really liked it.

Lo que nos cuenta. Aug 28, Kit rated it really liked it.

Book Review: Earthworks, Brian W. Aldiss (1965)

He alone is prepared to fire a shot that will throw the world into hideous war, but may leave a brave new world for the survivors. The earth has brain population of 24 billion. Main character is very shallow and unlikeable; imagination is clear but the book isn’t long enough to define the world; flashbacks are earthsorks at best and the love interest is poorly portrayed.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Post was not sent – check your email addresses! All compounded earthworkks the fact that it was bad prediction fueled by the non-scientific Malthusian catastrophe.

And the kind comments. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Not sure who wrote the synopsis but it tainted my mindset from the start. Jan 09, blake rated it liked it Shelves: Gets involved involuntarily in a cult-like conspiracy.

You are earthwodks using your Twitter account. It is beside the point that much of the nightmare that forms the background of this story has come true.

The plot concerns a conflicted centr Short story. As a child, working for a Fagin-like character, he hid beneath the table with a friend when the authorities raided his home and arrested his master.


Earrhworks is supposed to suspend your disbelief but Brian Aldiss cut the lines holding up my disbelief and it crashed down and chipped a bone in its ankle. This book is rarely mentioned in the Aldiss oeuvre, but it has aldoss much of what makes his writing distinctive, and is a nice bridge into the New Wave works to follow in just a few years.

De voedselschaarste komt bijna niet aan bod en had er al met al wat meer van verwacht.

Overall, in short, dont bother. The plot concerns a conflicted central character coerced into ambiguous action.

Un tanto decepcionante sobre todo en su parte final In Aldiss, you get straight up, hand to hand murders. It was a good book but it did not meet my expectations after reading the back cover. But his work is not really about scientific prediction. One can only speculate as to what wonders would be unleashed if only more genre writers paid such attention to characterisation and detail as Aldiss. Farmers have become the technocrats. Look, look hard, and take a knife, Carve yourself a conscience!

On one of his more vivid benders, he takes his cargo ship and runs it aground on the coast of Africa Brisn No preview available – So why am I offering this as part of a reading list? Justine, whom he subsequently meets, tells him that this phantom appears when he is close to death.

Return to Book Page. Lists with This Alddiss. Adored for his innovative lite Pseudonyms: So yes, most of the novel is unconcerned with plot per-se but then gives in to its impulses or external publisher pressures — really really poorly.

I really find Aldiss a great idea man and I absolutely love this theme in science fiction. Noland is prone to fits in which he experiences earthworkz hallucinations. Aldiss explores the relationships of control and freedom, power and rebellion, and encapsulates a mighty global struggle, in the shape of a man with renegade te Another remarkable Aldiss novel, first published inthat demonstrates how accomplished a prose stylist he is, as well as proving that he was superb at extrapolating trends.


Correcting author name 3 21 Jul 31, Artists have been valuing nature probably since we first marked the wall of aldids cave or whistled like a bird — artists have always rendered nature visible.

Earthworks – Brian Wilson Aldiss – Google Books

I concur with your frustration re: The can-do spirit that informed SF from the first half of the 20th century is nowhere This is the sort of book that illustrates why I stopped reading SF published after about or so. First came Equator in the fifties, using basically a futuristic Singapore, followed by this book several years later, with a futuristic Northern Africa.

You can see what you think when I get it posted. Kon niet echt door het eerste hoofdstuk komen.

The cover by the excellent Bruce Pennington attracted me, but I never attempted to read the book. There are a few gems, like the future politics of African world powers, but much of the characterization is lacking. By using this site, you agree to earthwroks Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

That part earthworrks it feels prescient. It’s well written enough, though the main character suffers from hallucinations leading to some pretentious feeling passagesbut it’s negative in that Soviet-influenced way of the latter half of the 20th century: