Noted psychologist Dr. Edith Fiore explains how to detect spirit possession in yourself and others, how to protect yourself from entities, how to release. Noted psychologist Dr. Edith Fiore explains how to detect spirit possession in yourself and others, how to protect yourself from entities, how to release your home. Unquiet Dead’, by an American psychologist, Edith Fiore. 1., which describes her pioneering hypnotherapeutic work. With the patient in trance, what appeared.

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But, it’s an interesting read that opens the mind to new ideas.

The degree of possession can range from nearly total, in which case the original inhabitant is almost completely replaced, to a very minor dsad. Where and how would she get such information as the possessing spirit nor the possessed person mentioned anything about these others? Man is More than a Body The whole idea of spirit attachments or possession is freaky to most people.

A person who is completely the opposite and cannot be aroused by anyone of the opposite sex is a six. Adorno, Foucault and the Critique of the West. The Future Is Open. If it is true that spirits can possess people, then we need to take a closer look at our mental health system and diagnoses, as the author suggests.

In Praise of Disobedience. If the person believed they were gay and had no desire to change then he could not help them. These, of course, are the ego-based drad, not the metaphysical ones.

Despite the three stars, the book is not bad. Why Spirits Remain Among Us.


I find this work very dangerous in the spiritual realm. She moved to and practiced in California for more than thirty years, first with a general clinical practice and then from on as a hypnotherapist. Filled with shocking case histories Molly Gothic rated it liked it Sep 26, It invites more demonic activity and demonic lies, which cure nothing, but accomplish a further weakened spiritual condition in the patient for more demons to take advantage.

The Unquiet Dead by Edith Fiore, Ph.D.

Share this article 0. More Than One Witness Dr. It brings home the point that many LDS find objectionable right up front — where dead people go.

I think I have read this before, parts of it were very familair. At least the person is still conscious enough to seek for clinical help. It even provides protection script and ghostbusting scripts one for “possessed” person and one for haunted house. It has six chapters for background introduction, 5 detailed case studies, followed by practical tools to detect and release on our own.

Hermiz rated it really liked it Jun 16, You must be logged in to post a comment. About Edith Fiore, Ph. Refresh and try again. I carefully questioned each counselor to determine their core beliefs before I agreed to therapy with them.

Filled with shocking case histories. I enjoyed reading the book very much.

The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession by Edith Fiore

When a spirit of the opposite sex attaches itself to a person, there can be thrusts in the host toward homosexuality and transvestism. After viewing all of the unusual topics of Dr. Paperbackpages. Reading through this book I couldn’t help but felt her clinical approach could be misleading.


The value and importance of The Unquiet Dead cannot be overemphasized. Although she repeatedly acknowledges that she is undecided on the subject of reincarnation but constantly mentions it in regard to depossessions and wrote another book on itbecause several of her patients believe in it, she uses it in almost every suggestion to encourage possessing spirits to move into the spirit world, supposedly to go to another life.

You can read more about Denise from books published by her father on his site, Publishing Hope. She first broke literary ground in past-life therapy with her book You Have Been Here Before and now returns in print with The Unquiet Dead, an unusual record of her experiences in dealing with what are apparently the spirits of deceased individuals who cause psychological and sometimes physical problems when they attach themselves to living persons.

Homosexuality, transsexuality and transvestism dwad the extreme results of this kind of possession. He provides specific examples of individuals who came to him for help after dramatic and undesired changes in their attitudes toward sex.

The Unquiet Dead

Her second book bears this out. These are fascinating accounts, but should be read, not reviewed. She claims she continues to use the technique, though not sure she believes in the existence of spirits or possession, because she sees positive changes and not negative ones.

Ghe think the title of the book was a good choice.