Gottfried de Purucker () was a longtime resident of theTheosophical Society based in Point Loma and was Leader of that. GOTTFRIED DE PURUCKER was born in at Suffern, New York, son of a prominent Anglican minister who for some years served as chaplain of the. Articles about Gottfried de Purucker, leader of the Theosophical Society , a his clear exposition of theosophy.

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Yes, indeed, Parabrahm was once a man — for It, is the summit of its hierarchy; but beyond and beyond and beyond the highest that we can conceive of there are still greater Ones — endless hierarchies of created beings up towards the Unutterable — one universal law of growth, harmony, analogy and evolution.

His claim that the higher esoteric teaching follows the pattern and system of the number 12 rather than 7, with there actually being 12 sacred planets, 12 kingdoms of nature, 12 classes of Monads, 12 globes in a planetary chain, and more besides. Dw and The Mahatma Letters to A.

Purucker Says The Absolute Was Once a Man

So essentially this word Parabrahma n is abstract, as it should be. Few take note that if H. Studies in Occult Philosophy. Surely then we must admit, if we are willing to preserve an open mind. He repeatedly goes outside what H.

Some visitors to the site have asked questions about Gottfried de Puruckermore commonly known simply as G. Part of a series on Theosophy Theosophy Traditional Theosophy. On no single subject have the Masters, H. Purucker does not claim that the notion of many Absolutes and the Absolute having once been a man is the fruit and conclusion of his own study and contemplation. Blavatsky and the Masters. Blavatsky and eight to The Mahatma Letters. His seventh general letter, dated 11th Julymakes it clear: You are commenting using your Twitter account.


It was gottfired he began studying eastern religions and philosophies and Theosophy that, in his words: If one reads the Upanishads and the writings of Vedantin philosophers and yogis, one finds Brahman and Parabrahman used perfectly synonymously and interchangeably.

Loma 1st edition of the SD came out. Fundamentals of the Esoteric Philosophy.

Views Read Edit View history. Our own Constitution is so broad in its foundations and in spirit is so esoteric, … that I do believe that it puruxker a model instrument under which every devoted believer in Theosophical teachings can work, no matter to what Theosophical Society he may belong.

Examples will be shown below. Inhe sold the property at Point Loma and moved the headquarters to Covina, California. William Kingsland, who had been a pupil of H.

He died a few months later, on September 27, Theosophical library and reading room of Alma M. Retrieved from ” https: Dr de Purucker fails most signally to distinguish between the real tradition and his own personal opinions.

A year later gottcried returned to Geneva to spend some time with the family and only returned in to the United States, where he settled permanently in Point Loma, California. These friend-critics overlook what even some European pruucker have perceived and what G. The emphasis appears to be on the affix, para.

Theosophical library – TKBAK – Gottfried de Purucker

Otherwise, what is the occasion for either? You will assuredly receive in time some of this Lodge-force; for as I am the intermediary or mediator between the Great Lodge of the Masters of Compassion and Wisdom and the general membership of the T. Doubtless far better than I she succeeded in expressing it, to wit: The book is, manifestly, an attempt on Dr. This is the Absolute: I prefer my way, and I intend to use it, because I know that time and examination will prove me right, and because my use is exactly the essential meaning of H.


It should be read only by those who are ever ready to ask, when an assertion is made, whether there is any real evidence that it gottfrief either with fact or with tradition. References are few, and mostly to church fathers or to Greek or Gottfrie writers; there are listed in the index but 24 references to H.

Of the Theosophical literature, he said: There is no chance.

It is a word used in association with to another. In short, one was always disposed to amend the title to read Fundamentals of G. This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in German. Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution. The Question of G.

Besant, what he has to say does not lead the student and inquirer from himself to H.