“GURPS Gun Fu has everything you need for action-packed cinematic GURPS gunplay: A description and explanation of what the gun fu genre is and how to. Rules · Subscriptions · Bookmarks · Search · Account · Moderators. RPG Item: GURPS Gun Fu» Forums» House Rules · Post Thread | Subscribe sub options. GURPS 4e – Basic Set – , , M. [ ], GURPS 4e – Basic Set GURPS 4e – Gun , , M. [ ], GURPS 4e.

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Also, with GM approval you can take a martial arts specialization in clubs, in order to use your two pistols in melee combat.

Cyberpunk has a Pacific Rim expansion that gets close to this. Gn, the main point of Gun Fu is the liberal application of Rule of Cool to firearms.

Spike’s battles with Vicious in Cowboy Bebop seem to fit in under this as well.


It really captures that wuxia feeling of opponents looking for an opening throughout a cinematic fight. Below are some clips and examples of scenes that showcase the kinda feel I am going for, especially the Bladerunner clip. It’s a martial arts style with a list of Charms magical abilities that require the martial artist to be wielding flame pieces or firewands one-use short-range flamethrowersthat gkn the setting equivalent of pistols or rifles. Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well ugn many of our other game lines.

Of course, a character could alternatively pick up tu plasma tongue repeater or two, which are magic revolver flamethrowers. Kenichi’s fatherof all people, is capable of some of this; he managed to reload a giant shotgun with one hand, something that resident weapons master Shigure said wasn’t possible. Both are graceful and cool to an almost obscene degree, but Gun Fu is probably the more plausible of the two.

The males focus more on combining their kicking attacks with gunplay, while the females are gu about combining gunplay with their Armed Legs and Gun Blades. Loosening a cable tied to a burning corpse hanging from the top of a bridge’s bannister, making the corpse drop; holding onto the rope and allowing the corpse’s weight to pull you up right next to the helicopter 50 feet above you and emptying the mag of the Uzi you just grabbed from the falling corpse as you passed it into your evil-ex-lover at point blank range.


Hong Kong fight choreographer Corey Yuen who was one of Jackie Girps, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao’s best friends during their days in the China Drama Academy Peking Opera School is distinguished in his ability to mix gufps combat and gunfighting, two styles of fighting that are not often used together successfully in Hong Kong action films.

Submit a new text post. Yes, if you buy from one of these links, Amazon fi a percentage to SJ Games! Maggie Cheung’s character in Heroic Trio fights with a shotgun and a machine gun in two scenes, wielding them hun if they were swords. The Secret Service has a couple of single gun variants involving grapples and gadgets, most notable being Eggsy combing Gun Fu with Combat Parkour during the climax as he grapples, flips, rolls, leaps, and shoots through a winding maze full of mooks.

Boogaloo is a send up of 90′ s Gun Fu films and involves a ton dodges, rolls, stylish kills, and back flips off everything including your enemies’ faces. Rules for tricky shooting and “impossible” firearm feats. There are several scenes in Army of Darkness where Ash immortalized du Bruce Campbell mixes melee combat with rapid fire attacks from his shotgun.

Gun Fu – TV Tropes

The default settings is more magipunk than modern but that part should be easy to change. Resources Find the right game for you!

Has roots in Wuxia. Go back-to-back with your ally, or shoot weapons from foes’ hands. Anyone got any good suggestions? In a rare attempt from Du Games to add a bit of realism: Although not quite as flashy as most examples since it’s Neon Genesis Evangelionthe epitome of not really being awesome, Misato’s big scene in End of Evangelion involves her gunning down a whole squad of JSSDF guys while running at a dead sprint before bashing the remaining guy into a wall with her gun and then shooting him point blank.

A half-dozen styles for gunfighters. The whole acrobat range of stunts are unlocked from the beginning, and the majority of sidequests are intended to introduce and exercise the skills. Valmet and Karen Low of Jormungand, episode 7 especially.


GURPS Gun Fu | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Rushuna Tendo of Grenadier. Although both involve Improbable Aiming Skills. Every character in Hong Kong Action Theatrein addition to knowing Kung Fu, can vurps shoot with gusto using his or her default Skill rating. It in fact has a gun martial art already. At higher levels they can shoot ghosts. In one instance, she’s able to snipe dozens of people with fi bullets, don’t worry from all over her improbably large school campus by ricocheting rifle shots off of various buildings.

Information on new weapons, gunsmithing, and cool-looking accessories. Fate might work for this depending on how granular you want to get.

The above image is licensed under GPL 2. While pistols are the most common weapon, it can also be done with anything else you could reasonably consider a firearm – Uzis, the Sawn-Off Shotguneven rocket launchers, as long as you hold it in your hands and fire it.

Unfortunately, due to the method chosen for the handling of the closure of City of Heroes by NC Softonly Beta Server players and those who watched Zwillinger’s Community Coffee Talks were ever able to see the time slowing, ki pushing, bullet timing power set in action. Surf our site for the files you want.

A sort of nascent example turns up in some Spaghetti Westerns — the lead who is not Lee van Cleef in The Grand Duel flips and rolls through gunfights, once shooting a Mook while falling upside down after propelling himself into the air with the aid of a cart and a falling body.

The Long Kiss Goodnight: The Mightiest Disciple has a character named Jenny who is a master of using guns as if it were a martial art. Occasionally, they mix in a little standard martial arts.

Kick-Ass has Hit Girl who is improbably good with guns.