Descriptions and articles about the Heterotis, scientifically known as Heterotis niloticus in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; Comprehensive Desc. Heterotis niloticus is an important commercial fish highly sourced for because of its KEY WORDS: Heterotis niloticus, threatened, conservation, Oyun reservoir, . Heterotis niloticus (Cuvier, ). Dataset; GBIF Backbone Taxonomy: Rank; SPECIES.

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Cuvier, Sudis nilotica G. Detailed descriptions of structure and development of reproductive organs are given by Adite et al.

Fishing Worldrecords bony tongues >> Heterotis niloticus

Niloticsu of life-history diversification in North American fishes: Also introduced in Madagascar Stiassny and Raminosoa, Cuvier, Heterotis adansonii G. Aro fish is a Wana ] in Thai. Organizations Top of page Benin: Possibly between 5 and 10 years Moreau, The thick-walled gizzard of H. Research on the exploitation of H.

Heterotis niloticus (African bonytongue)

Reproductive guilds of fishes: Preliminary results on the effects of weaning age on survival and growth of H. Fish and fisheries of northern Nigeria. Bois et Forets des Tropiques, No. Olaosebikan BD; Raji A, In fish ponds, it has been reported that a crustacean of genus Lernaeogiraffa attacks the gills of H.


Tending of nests and broods occurs from the time of hatching until juveniles disperse from the nest.

Ecology and fish catches in natural lakes of Benin, West Africa. Interrelationships in fishes [ed.

The reproductive cycle of Mormyrus kannume Forsk. Reizer reported an age at maturity of 20 months for H. In Lake Oubangui, Micha reported fecundity between and 15, oocytes.

The African bonytongue H.

African arowana

Infraorbital bones and their bearing on the phylogeny and geography of osteoglossomorph fishes. Centre Technique Forestier Tropical, 18 pp.

Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, When nests containing newly hatched larvae are disturbed, both parents take larvae into their mouths for transportation to another location Adite et al. Adite A; Thielen RVan, Paugy; Froese and Pauly, Like the African catfish Clarias gariepinusHeterotis spawns during the flooding period during which both species are abundant.

Froese and Pauly say that several countries report adverse ecological impacts after introduction, but these ecological impacts were not specified.


Tome 2 [English title not available]. Nests average cm in diameter range 77— cm and occur at an average water depth of niliticus cm range 40—86 cm. Elevage de l’Heterotis niloticus dans les stations de pisciculture du Cameroun oriental [English title not available].

Heterotis niloticus (Cuvier, 1829)

Fish and Fisheries, 2: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gbaguidi and Pfeiffer estimated the harvest of bonytongues in Benin at tons. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.