hi guys, i have a used sdx swm manual i dont need anymore so im going to sell it. asking \ shipped lower 48 and i take paypal. will take pic. All fuel models · Hirobo · Turbulence D3 · Freya 60/90 · Freya Categories Parts fuel Parts Hirobo Sceadu Evolution SCEADU SWM INSTRUCTION MANUAL. All fuel models · Hirobo · Turbulence D3 · Freya 60/90 · Freya EX-II · Freya OP · GPH Categories Parts fuel Parts Hirobo Turbulence D3 D3 instruction manual .

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Once again, a huge warm hug and big thanks to all for being helpful. Three-quarters of lights grounded, runways closed at London Heathrow and Gatwick airports because of snow. To enhance the aerodynamics a new lower landing gear assembly was used plus an FRP Cabin with a Carbon Fibre windshield.

A third main-shaft bearing fitted below the main gear further stiffened the frames and give better support to the main shaft for more precise gear mesh during hard aerobatics.

The only real complaints I have is that the molded black plastic gears from the Sceadu are carried over to the SDX.

D3 instruction manual – Hirobo – Feel the Heart

A triple bearing tail set up for the blade grips was also used along with Carbon Fibre sealed tip srx tail blades in order to handle the high tail loads and keep the tail where any pilot wants it.


Lovely smooth and graceful flying How much cyclic pitch are you running? Hirobo sst-eagle Freya Miscellaneous. I do appreciate shopping at your Shop.

Hirobo SDX D3 SWM OP Kit (Flybarless SL RotorHead) | Singapore Hobby Supplies Pte Ltd

Now cc, increased cc from the previous Shuttle Tank of cc. Quite rare for springtime in Montana. The popular “WC” style graphics finish off the gel coated cabin making the Freya EX look as good as it flew. Hats off to Hirobo for keeping the absolute minimum number of bags open at the same time.

Well i received mine in 2 business days. Manyal parts would you need to convert a Sceadu to the SDX? It appears to be a very old design of a wire rod riding in a sheath similar to the old shuttle.

JetRanger ‘look-a-like’ for general sports flying and suitable for 60 size mechancis. I am very happy you are great people have given me the satisfactory helping hands.

Great for aerobatic autos. For example, the head featured an “auto-stability” configuration that made it a stable trainer however, moving a few control balls and changing their pick-up points made the helicopter a potent aerobatic performer.

All the parts for either version are included. With Hirobo’s proprietary technology in RC helicopter design, svx incredible helicopter is a high performance machine ready for swift and intense action!


My letter might be a Testimony to all your customers. How awesome is that!! The servo layout is very similar to the Lepton, and the Turbulence.


EVO 50 early version. It tracks very nicely, no tendency to pitch up or down in uirobo circuits. I think Hirobo has a winner on their hands.

D3 instruction manual

That is good service. Similar Products Page 1 of 1.

Thanks for the great service. I am not at home actualy but my neigbour had well receved my parcel yesturday.

I realized after watching the video that the headspeed is a tad on the low side I think. I am so excited to open everything and starting building. I feel that is better because you are not relying on the transmitter to alter the speed and travel of the elevator function.

Accepts 12mm root Main blades with 4mm bolt hole. Very smooth and locked in hover not unlike the Sceadu Evolution. Customer support is legendary with MRC and this commitment to their products and the people who buy them is not going to change.

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