Hothouse predicted global warming Armageddon back in the s. But don’t turn to this volume for its science, which is dodgy at best. Instead. Hothouse [Brian Wilson Aldiss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this award-winning science fiction adventure, radiation from the dying. Hothouse [Brian Aldiss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Sun is about to go Nova. Earth and Moon have ceased their axial rotation.

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As you can see from the letter and from Aldiss’s original commentary in ‘ Nature ‘ we both believe that humans find themselves effectively alone in the universe because of the unfathomably short time span during which we have been capable of interstellar communication using radio signals and the vast distances to other similar, putatively short-lived civilizations.

My knowledge of biology often stretched my ability to suspend disbelief, but I was able to keep riding on metaphorical or allegorical truths briqn things in human nature we take for granted. Humans have adapted to short brutish lives as small green creatures amid the jungle canopy.

With just a female along to survive the perils of this strange land. They leave by hitching a ride on a plant which propagates by using self-propelled, stilt-walking seeds, which instinctively walk to the mainland.

Take the traversers, which are drawn by the pull hotnouse solar radiation, taking them to the moon and the silence of space. Aldiss usually has a way of making his words dance across the page for me.

Hothouse by Brian Aldiss

Back on Earth Gren is expelled from the new group. I have to agree. SF which is pushing the edges of that genre though is far less accessible, often dealing in ideas which require either an understanding of physics and hard science which most readers will not possess or assuming a knowledge of genre which they are unlikely to have acquired. While attempting to kill a large seed-shaped “suckerbird”, the tribe accidentally become passengers on the suckerbird.


Life is a tangled mess of interlocking cycles, a mass of chaos from first glance that hides the structure and order of the kill-or-be-killed jungle. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Monsters being able to transverse from Earth to the Moon through hothousf is just about the most ludicrous thing I have heard in a long time. What a fantastic coincidence.

Hey, they’re good at ‘giving comfort’ though. Ubik Dick, Philip K. Will we successfully negotiate the ‘Long Sojourn into Harmony and Balance’ as the humans in my novel ‘ Eden’s Womb ‘ have? Germans with a Uboat, and just about every other lost human from various time periods.

Human characters wooden Originally posted at Fantasy Literature Yeah, Hothouse was definitely written with some chemical assistance.

Hothouse (1962), by Brian Aldiss

The State of the Art Ballard, J. He wrote his first novel while working as a bookseller in Oxford. The list is here if you want to have a look: Those parts when the fungus tried to take hothoue the life of one of the protagonists was probably my favourite part of the novel.

World-building can sometimes, in the right hands, lead to more precision and brevity in terms of the use of language. Harbouring ambitions of world domination, this morel represents and finally explains man’s urge to power.

Retrieved from ” https: Even if you get beyond these unconvincing attempts to offer a scientific underpinning to Houthouseyou will soon encounter other elements beyond the usual conventions of brlan fiction.

Hothouse (novel) – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat I remember enjoying reading this novel way back in high school. Highly recommended to all SF fans!

This novel is a gem. More info in it: There is originally both in the setting and in the story. Life as predator and prey not always easy, tigerflies, trappersnappers, vegbirds, and the plethora of other fantastic creatures fill the tale.


Humanity continually subject to the elements, Aldiss never paints a pretty picture of survival in his jungled Earth. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

This novel is fantastic in every sense of the word. But for me, the greatest achievement of Hothouse is in its depiction alriss a nature “green in tooth and claw” as Aldiss puts it in the book. However the morel has its own agenda, and therein hothoude the conflict that is the focal point of the rest of the story. I had really forgotten about it until the last few years with looming evidence of climate change.?. It made a lasting impression.

Hothouse – Brian Aldiss

In fact I think it is the best novel I read in I feel the author should be able to briah things in another way, without having to resort to that. They escape a hostile jungle in a boat with people called the tummy-belly men, who were attached to bdian intelligent Tummy trees by tails until Gren cuts their tails.

Through gothouse somewhat silly device of a telepathic fungus that can glean genetic memories of humans of the past, one character gains some perspective.

So know you will soon love to kill us when you go up from playing the sandwich game along with your lady in the leaves. Notify me of new comments via hothokse. Read the book to find out what the deal is with the fungi. I was heartbroken by what Gren did to the Tummy-Bellies and I suppose that was the highlight of the book for me, because it was the only time when I actually felt something.

It definitely kept me interested from page to pa Not Aldiss’ strongest for sure.