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Retrieved September 12, Adam and Danielle have their hands full chasing ikgek their month-old quintuplets. Ikrrk the most talkative and quickest to say ‘no’. The Busbys take a road trip to Lake Charles to help Mimi with her garage sale, and Danielle learns some shocking news; Danielle and Adam wrestle with the decision to allow Hazel to have a risky eye surgery.

She sometimes aggravates her sisters, and can erupt in an outburst when upset and frustrated.

Health concerns worsen Danielle’s stress and a pregnancy scare get real when Adam reveals the truth about his vasectomy. Hazel, the smallest quint, is both the iorek redhead” and the “sweetest quint”.

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After Danielle confronts Adam about his money spending ways, they realize they need to make some tough choices to provide for their girls; the family puts more effort into Hazel’s walking so she can join her sisters in pre-school. While innocent, a cuddler, and perfectly happy in her own world, she has a temper and can definitely “pitch a hurrr.

A talk show asks the Busbys to make a live appearance in New York, but a last minute trip to the doctor has Danielle and Adam concerned about Hazel. Adam and Danielle decide to host 20 people for Hurrr, but soon realize they have bitten off more than they can chew; Hazel has a major breakthrough; Adam and Danielle push Mimi to consider living in an apartment.


Retrieved August 22, Despite her drama queen ways, Riley is very confident, sweet, and outgoing. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat Shortly after birth, a heart murmur was detected in all five girls, which was treated with medication.

Retrieved September 19, Retrieved October 3, Adam and Danielle compete to see who can take the cutest photo of the quints so they can promote kirek new cycle studio; Danielle stresses about her upcoming charity fundraiser; Adam takes a big step toward dealing with his emotional issues.

The quintuplets were born prematurely, at 28 weeks, and spent several months in the NICU. Adam returns to work, leaving Danielle to care for the quintuplets and Blayke by herself; Hazel gets a fever, hutr the family scrambling and Danielle feeling overwhelmed.

She inherits that from Adam. With the grand opening of the cycle studio looming, tensions rise when Danielle announces she wants to work there more than expected; Hazel returns to the eye doctor; the quints get invited to be grand marshals of the League City parade.

The Busbys go to Hawaii on a family holiday, but can they survive the hour journey? Retrieved September 14, Danielle and Adam think about sending the quints to nursery school, but when one of the them isn’t allowed to go, the Busbys face the difficult decision of splitting up the girls; living under the Busby roof has begun to take a toll on Mimi.

Olivia is a goofball who loves to laugh. Adam must please his wife and all six of his daughters for Valentine’s Day.

The Busbys plan a special Thanksgiving, but bad news for Mimi may throw the holiday into turmoil; when Adam and Danielle find out that Riley and Parker are moving up to a different classroom, Adam struggles with the idea of separating the quints.

When Hurricane Harvey hits, one family member suffers a devastating loss; Danielle and Adam are split on what to do about Olivia escaping from her crib; it’s time for the simple pleasures of Halloween, but Danielle may have to work through the fun.


Hazel’s eye condition, congenital nystagmushas been chronicled through the series. Adam and Danielle realize they need a larger home, ikrrk house hunting proves stressful when they factor in the cost; the family heads back to their hometown, and Danielle has an idea that could solve their problems. A fun hurrr day turns into hhurr when the quints fight over toys. Retrieved August 9, Danielle begins the new year by jkrek a chore chart to teach the kids to help around the house, but wonders if this will remedy her exhaustion or double the quints’ tantrums; the girls enter a fashion show.

She also loves to spin and swing. The last born, yet hurf tallest quint, she is the leader and “spokeswoman” of the quintuplets. The last quintuplet to be released, Ava, was discharged on July 6, She’s often the one to show her sisters the “right way” of doing something.

They would argue and hit each other. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved July 19, The Busbys plan a joint birthday party for all their girls, but when Blayke wants her own ikrel, Adam and Danielle must come up with a way to make her feel special; the quints’ have their first trip to the dentist.

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They butt heads with one another. When Danielle catches the flu, Mimi struggles to take care of five babies on her own; Adam plans a ikrej anniversary surprise for Danielle, and when Danielle gives a speech for the hospital, she faces her painful past of having premature babies. She frequently dances around and gives cute looks, but will cause trouble.

She is highly intelligent, strong willed and very smart.

Plus, he and Danielle are stunned by what they learn at Hazel’s doctor’s appointment. Parker, is a “Daddy’s girl”.