Jim Arvanitis Resurrects Pankration The First Mixed Martial Art. judo. ancient greek pankration. ancient pankration. bo. grappling technique. Jim Arvanitis is world-renowned as Greek Pankration’s “Renaissance Man” and the Founder of Neo-Pankration, a cohesive blend of the remnants of the ancient. Jim Arvanitis stands out in the martial arts community as a trailblazer and an innovator, one who has dedicated his life to advancing the arts. World renowned as.

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Opposing the theory that martial arts originated in Asia, Arvanitis began arvamitis odyssey to discover the combat roots of his ancestors before he was even twenty years old.

Those who trained with him have often said that he was simply at “another level. The Renaissance Man Jim Arvanitis was cross training in combat systems before it was an accepted concept.

Arvanitis was the oldest child in his family, and that meant he was tasked with protecting his younger brother, Danny Arvanitis. Notify me of new comments via email.

Arvanifis to his Greek heritage, his effort to reinstate the ancient Greek sport was only partially due to ethnic pride but more to his sincere desire to forge a new path in the martial arts by combining things that worked and discarding that which did not.

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Considered as both an innovator and a visionary, Jim was among the first who integrated skills from various systems at a time when stylized martial arts such as karate, taekwondo, and kung-fu were most popular. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Upon graduating from college Jim married the former Chrystine Gardner.

The Greeks incorporated the pyrrhic dance to help develop rhythm in combat, are there similar exercises you incorporate? Through his unrelenting efforts as a researcher, his athletic feats, books and videos, hundreds of magazine articles, television appearances, and radio interviews, Arvanitis has truly earned the title of “Father of Modern Pankration” and is among the most prolific martial artists of our time.


Pankration was based off an earlier form of fighting used by the Greeks in battle.

Martial arts legend shares no-holds-barred stories

Noted journalist Massad Ayoob, who penned the article, called Arvvanitis Arvanitis the “consummate fighter and one of the best martial artists he had ever seen. Upon his return from the West Coast Jim continued to work extensively on knife defenses and handgun disarms with Ayoob. Arvanitis insisted from the start that his personal development was not an exact replication of the original pankration. Owing to his Greek heritage, his effort to reinstate pankration was only partially due to arvabitis pride but more to his sincere desire to forge a new path in the martial arts by combining things that worked and discarding those which did not.

Jim Arvanitis stands out in the martial arts community as a trailblazer and an arvanitiss, one who has dedicated his life to advancing the arts. Today, Jim Arvanitis is legendary for his inspiring list of achievements and by beating the odds in restoring a legacy from antiquity.

Jim Arvanitis – Wikipedia

About the same time he trained in kosen judo in Boston to enhance his ground skills. Its training methodology, diet, and techniques were appropriate for a different time. Arvanitis has made available numerous well reviewed books and videos on pankration and martial arts. Arvantis history would be made when he was featured in a cover story in Black Belt magazine.

View the discussion thread. Rather than practicing on padded mats all the time, he and his students would train and spar on sand to simulate the ancient skamma sandpit arena of the ancients, and on pavement. It was Arvanitis’ contention that the ancient Greeks were the first to have created a system of integrated fighting skills for use in competition.


Jim Arvanitis Part 1: The First Mixed Martial Artist

In Jim was sought out by the military to train the Army special forces for Operation Desert Storm. They consisted of a hardcore group who were looking for something more realistic in terms of a no-holds-barred street brawl. His restoration of the defunct sport was first unveiled to the martial arts community in when he was featured in the landmark cover story in Black Belt magazine. My talk with Arvanitis lasted well over two hours.

American male mixed martial artists American people of Greek descent Living people. I really had no preference as to striking or wrestling … I was equally passionate about both.

Jim Arvanitis Part 1: The First Mixed Martial Artist | JohanMMA

High to Low Avg. Arvanitis said the Greek key, an interlocking circle of right-angled spirals symbolizing infinity, represents his goals in life: So I remain confident in that which I have accumulated through the years though I am free to modify where necessary for optimum efficiency. They involve specialists in striking, wrestling and BJJ, nutrition, strength and conditioning, and strategic planning for this purpose in their training camps. He jm learning Western wrestling at age seven and boxing some years later, becoming a champion in his weight division in both while competing throughout the Northeast.

The ancients performed their combative maneuvers to the accompaniment of musical instruments, such as the lyre, arbanitis help them in this regard. Ayoob, who had written numerous articles on high-profile martial artists, was particularly taken by his boldness in going up against the traditional way of thinking at the time. Jim also demonstrated up to seventeen consecutive one-arm thumb pushups on television talk shows throughout the s.

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