Kenneth Goldsmith Fidget (, Coach House Books) (MP3) Recorded at the WFMU studios, Jersey City, New Jersey, September March Fidget has 86 ratings and 13 reviews. mwpm said: every move Kenneth Goldsmith’s body made on June 16, * * *Eyelids open. Tongue runs acros. The follow-up to the critically acclaimed No. , Fidget ruthlessly documents every movement made by Goldsmith’s body on Bloomsday (June 16) from

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Hairs tickle tips as they pass.

Thumb bends and rests atop collarbone. Heels of hands push into jaw. Tongue explores crevice in middle of tooth. Fabulous as a meditation, as a concept Goldsmith has written about experimental music on the article A Popular Guide to Unpopular Music and has curated many musical events goldsmit compact discs. Hand raises to hairline and pushes hair.

Goldsmith said that he is, “requesting that Brown University not make public the recording of my performance of ‘The Body of Michael Brown’. Teeth tuck inside jaw. Fidbet trail behind fingers. Tongue slides back into mouth. Joint of thumb meets biceps.

Floods back of mouth. Motivated by his own manifesto “Uncreative Writing” [3] and notion that “any language can be poetry”, [4] Goldsmith has been the editor of one continuous project of innovative poetics, comprising both the study and practice of conceptual poetry as a writer, academic, and the curator of the archives at UbuWeb. Weight on balls of feet. Obama’s celebration of American poetry at the White House. The choice of words for the poems also anticipates Goldsmith’s later work in that it incorporates both “high” and “low” culture with quotations from T.


Kenneth Goldsmith

This project tries to bring that point home. Right heel touches ground. Applies pressure to upper surface of thumb. Carly rated it it was amazing Aug 19, Middle finger of left hand in gully of middle finger and ring finger of right. Gathers in pouch of right cheek. Head props on pillow. Want to Read saving…. Pulls jaw on right side. Thumb and forefinger apply pressure. Forefinger moves to nostril. From 26 July to 31 AugustGidget curated a conceptual art project called Printing out the Internet in collaboration with LABOR and UbuWeb, that invited the public to print and send pages from the Internet to an art gallery in Mexico City, with the intention to literally print out the entire Internet.

Other than minor issues I have with a few of Goldsmith’s choices, the reason fidger is getting two stars is that it’s just brutal to read. Forefingers over tips of thumbs.

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Small circular motion repeats several times. Goldsmith dedicated the exhibition to Aaron Swartzan Internet activist who committed suicide firget facing federal charges of illegally downloading and disseminating millions of files from the digital library JSTOR. Right hand enters mouth. This book is very, very odd. Motion in left thigh.

Fidget | Coach House Books

Finger pushes up ogldsmith down. Reproduced in a single consistent font, the published text is an page folio-sized tome, again demonstrating the physicality of language and the actual weight of linguistic material that most view as disposable. Feb 21, Inkpenshmee rated it liked it Shelves: Right wrist turns counterclockwise.

Hand grasps ficget cup. But it does help you realize the wonder of every little action your body performs, This book is very, very odd. Right arm lifts and moves to top.

U B U W E B :: Kenneth Goldsmith

But ultimately there is no reason to actually read Fidget. Bravin Post Lee, ; No. Hands return to lap.

Left hand perpendicular to body. Managing Language in the Digital Age