The Kularnava Tantra is held in high esteem by Kaula tantriks. This tantra does exist in English translation (Prachya Prakashan, ) but this chapter is my. The “Kularnava Tantra” is a major text in the Kula tradition of Shaktism and Tantric Shaivism. The term comes from the Sanskrit, kula, meaning “family” or “ clan”;. Kularnava Tantra – Taranath Vidyaratna, Arthur Avalon कुलार्णव तन्त्र – तारानाथ Kulachudamani Tantra – Girisha Chandra Vedantatirtha. Uploaded .

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Yet for the benefit of the aspir- ing, of those who seek for It, Brahman assumes forms, determines Itself in a way as to be cognisable and accessible.

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He who enters the Kuladharma and yet does tantrra know the engpish of the Kula, his house is verily a burial ground, he a sinner, cooker of kine. Jiva is Shiva and Shiva Jiva: There is for instance one tradition which speaks of twelve kinds of Gurus: In other paths great is the need of travail, struggle, strenuous study; but not so in the Kaula.

Many are they who chant the Veda-Scriptures but rare is he who is one with their spirit. Know this of the Great Mantra and be ever dedicated to it. It is not attained by the undeserving nor does it stay with them. And all these Deities that are adored and kklarnava upon are none else but the emanations, portions of the Lord and his Spouse, Ishwara and Devi. It is only one who is ‘struck’ initiated by subtle impact that can ‘strike’ others; one who is not’ struck’ can hardly be the ‘striker.

To hell he goes emglish dares to infringe these conditions and seeks to enjoy the wine. Remember, the body does not last for ever. In no other birth can the Jiva acquire knowledge of the Truth.


Kularnava Tantra (Sanskrit Text with English Translation)

The world you reach after the body is shed is determined by the level of the con- sciousness reached while in the body. Whether a brahmin or any other case, whether pure or impure, he who recites Shri Paraprasada mantra is liberated, there is no doubt of this.

The bliss, Ananda that arises when all these three are fused in the consciousness of the practicant is real release, moksa. It calls upon man to wake up to the rare privilege that has been given to him, e. No creature shall be harmed for one’s own sake, one’s own enjoy- ment. The supreme Knowledge is given “To those who are dedicated to the Kula,” says the Lord, “to those great ones, I give the Knowledge supreme at the final hour. They are to be served as Gurus who give a spontaneous joy and remove the pleasures of the senses; the others are imposters to be abandoned.

The Sruti declares that for those who seek for fulfilment and liberation, who aspire to attain to Brahma, Vishnu and Isha, devotion to the Guru is the Path and no other.

All depends upon the purpose; not even a blade of grass shall be cut without a worthy purpose.

But higher than all the four Amnayas put together is the Urdhvamnaya which is so called because it is High, urdhva, among all the dharmas, kuularnava it takes up, him who is below, adhastah urdhvam, because it is above the nether sea of samsara ku,arnava because it can be practised only in a higher way of being, higher state of consciousness.

Respect them in that order, in the prescribed manner. He who has complete devotion, steady and constant in the Guru, what has he to worry about dharma, artha etc.?

Whosoever knows the Shri Paraprasada mantra has everything. There may be defect of Mantra, defect of ritual, defect of process; still if this installation is done in the proper manner, the worship bears fruit. Obtaining engliish knowledge of the Urdhvam- naya from twntra Word of the Guru, you shall attain liberation in this very life according to the mode of the Scripture.


By the mere sight of him whose intelligence is active only till the advent of experience, one attains liberation, there is no doubt of it.

Whether moving, or standing, sleeping or waking, doing japa or offering oblation, or worshipping, carry out only the injunction of the Guru with your inner being dwelling in him. For those who know how to derive the essential rasa of the five constituents of worship, they yield release; but for those who do not know and yet resort to them, they are verily means of perdi- tion.

Talk not of the higher Purpose as long as there be desire, attachment and activity of the senses.

I have never previously declared this, O Kuleshvari. The place where such a knower stands becomes a holy centre up to the distance of ten Yojanas. Kuleshani, a person is freed from the ocean of Samsara by the Urdvhamnaya.

It is a great sin forbidden to man. Whether ignorant or knowledgeable, this mantra always gives fruit. If mere partaking of flesh were to lead to the high estate, all flesh-eaters in the world would come by immense merit. The best and highest of course is the state natural sahajavastha, in which oneness with the Divine is felt spontaneously and always; the middle is one of concentration, dharana and of meditation, dhyancr, the lowest is of laudation, stuti, and japa; and lower than the lowest is the stage of homa and puja, worship.