Katherine Pancol (born 22 October ) is a journalist and bestselling French novelist. Published in , her novel Les Yeux jaunes des crocodiles (The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles) was a huge success in France, where it sold more than. Buy Les yeux jaunes des crocodiles (Littérature) by Katherine Pancol from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases. Les Yeux jaunes des crocodiles (Littérature française) (French Edition) eBook: Katherine Pancol: : Kindle Store.

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Se alguma coisa conseguiu, foi afastar-me para sempre das suas obras. The book is about Josephine, a suburban Paris mom whose unemployed husband runs off to Kenya with his mistress to start a crocodile farm.

This novel truly does have a cast of characters: Alexandre – Philippe and Iris’s son – sweet boy. There’s Shirley, whose mysterious background turns out to be a pretty big deal that she has good reason to keep secret even as she doesn’t do so particularly well.

On the positive side, after sorting out all the ‘whos’ in diagrammatic format, this story had quite a bit to say. So, if you love a character driven novel, this is the ultimate. When Iris charms a famous publisher into offering her a lucrative deal for a twelfth-century romance, she offers her sister a deal of her own: The real changes she undergoes are physical- she loses weight, gets highlights in her hair, ho hum- and yes, physical changes often correspond with an emotional rebirth, but telling your evil, wicked witch of a sister ‘no’ one time does not a true transformation make in my mind.

Following the success of her first novel Moi D’abord inPancol moved to New York City where she spent the next decade pursuing creative writing and screenwriting classes at Columbia University while producing three more novels La Barbare inScarlett, si possible and Les Hommes cruels ne courent pas les rues. I hate it when reviewers regurgitate the information provided on the book jacket. Parecem marionetas, completa e irremediavelmente controlados por outrem.


Pancol is incredibly lazy with many of her plot-points too: Will this plan work? Empieza lento, muy lento, situando a los personajes en su lugar, relacionando a unos con otros, pero de una forma tan aburrida que no puedes evitar preguntarte: The shunned wife has a charismatic sister, Iris, who was more loved as a child, married a wealthy man, is beautiful and with all that, remains an unhappy and empty woman.

Also, by the end, the main character still defines herself by how others view her. Mick Jagger, la regina Elisabetta, William e Harry Unpleasant too is the focus on the superficial — and appearances, especially.

Les Yeux Jaunes Des Crocodiles

All is well—that is, until ,es book becomes the literary sensation of the season. Iris is four years older, and married to the extremely successful lawyer Philippe; they have a ten-year-old son, Alexandre. While not great literature, it was a good read! Almost like two separate people translated it! Gli occhi gialli dei coccodrilli – Italia.

Indeed, I had never heard of Katherine Pancol. That’s because Pancol does an amazing job giving each very distinct characteristics and personalities!

The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles

It’s a very swift read–don’t let the kes fool you. The naive wife is left to raise two daughters on her own. Mylene – Antoine’s mistress, a strong woman. Sometimes you’ll want to shake her, but most of the time you can’t help but like her.

Les Yeux Jaunes Des Crocodiles : Katherine Pancol :

Pancol updates her blog croocodiles on her web-site. This was the first of at least three books featuring these characters. Autorka je prava francuska dama, imala sam priliku da je upoznam pre nekoliko godina Completamente disfuncionais e sem uma pinga de realidade naqueles corpos de bonecos.


Iris comes up with a scheme that she thinks will solve both sisters’ problem. Seeking to spice up her life, Iris works a deal from a famous publisher to write a book on twelfth-century romance her sisters’ area of expertise.

Seeking to spice up her life, I This is a fun and kooky story about a family of eccentrics. J’aime beaucoup ce livre. The story unfolds around the shifts in both kathreine lives and is full of characters that add to the shenanigans. Josephine who is a scholar and wallflower and lives in the shadow of her extravagant sister Iris. Some characters are vile and never learn; others you root for, but the main character, in my panccol, stayed surprisingly stagnant throughout.

Pancol insists Philippe begins to devote himself to his son, spending a great deal of time with him, but even there we largely have to take her word for it, getting little sense of a true father-son relationship.

While working for Paris-Match and Cosmopolitan, she is noticed by an intuitive publisher who encourages her to begin writing. She decides she’s pretty because a man shows interest in her.

Katherine Pancol – Wikipedia

Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and judgment of the review as a whole. I took a couple days getting panco, but by half way I was staying pwncol late and reading before work to get through it. Where has this Philippe — or any evidence of any of this — been for the entire novel?

While working for Paris-Match and Cosmopolitanshe was noticed by an intuitive publisher who encouraged her to begin writing fiction.