Mike said: Of Pedro Lemebel, Roberto Bolaño has said: There is no “Tengo miedo torero” debe ser el libro más raro que me he leído en el último tiempo. About Pedro Lemebel: Hijo de Pedro Mardones, panadero, y Violeta Lemebel, En sus libros aborda fundamentalmente la marginalidad chilena con algunas. ‘It’s Like Biting Your Own Tail’: Pedro Lemebel’s Queer Response to the chilenas: El lugar sin límites de José Donoso y Tengo miedo torero de Pedro Lemebel.

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Tengo miedo torero – Memoria Chilena, Biblioteca Nacional de Chile

For him to rip off her clothes, strip her bare, leave her as naked as an ill-used virgin. Quotes from My Tender Matador. E un romanzo tutto al femminile, con la Fata che occupa integralmente la scena. SantiagoChile Santiago de ChileChile. Jun 21, Doug rated it it was amazing.

Non vi aspetterete che ve lo dica, vero? Open Preview See a Problem? View all 3 comments.

My Tender Matador by Pedro Lemebel

Quarant’anni passati, con una dentatura posticcia ed una testa spelacchiata: It was an engaging read, and I wasn’t really sure at any point how things would unfold or where Lemebel We were brought together by two stories that barely even shook hands with each other in the midst of everything that happened. Sobre el fondo, es una historia simple: And with that respectful scar she had learned to live, as one learns to live with a clawed hand, stroking it, taming its fierceness, smoothing down its sharp nails, growing accustomed to its violent blows, learning to enjoy its sexual scratch as the only possible expression of affection.


Unici personaggi maschili di spessore sono Carlos, enigmatico e sfuggente, e il dittatore Pinochet. I have read absolutely nothing that compares to this book.

The narrative centers on the intersections of desire and power.

And the sorrow of course — because such lovers can never live happily ever after. Silver’s translation appears to do a fantastic job in rendering Lemebel’s lyrical prose into English.

My Tender Matador

This short but colorful story details Pinochet’s struggle to maintain power and the radicals who wish to oust him. It just needs to be read.

Y aunque el final es bien ortodoxo, propio de telenovela mexicana aunque del siglo XXIdigamos que se justifica dado la naturaleza del libro: The tears of a poor, abandoned fairy like her would never see the light of day, would never be humid worlds that absorbent handkerchiefs would blot off the pages of literature.

For him to rip off her clothes, strip her bare, leave her as naked as an ill-used toorero. A fascinating little book, and a lovely translation of an amazing ppedro Chilean writer.

This is the story of the Queen of the Corner, a queer, non-binary lubro who helps a young Marxist revolutionary during the Pinochet regime in Chile. Oct 23, RJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: De Perlas y Cicatrices: Initially this struck me as unnecessary, but Lemebel uses these narrative threads to illustrate the excessive performativity and level of fantasy that sustained the dictatorship, so they rounded out the book quite nicely in the end.


Tengo miedo torero

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I enjoyed some of the theatrics. Irriverente, appassionata e commovente.

A beautifully written and lyrical novel set in during Pinochet’s dictatorship. If it can’t avoid being reminiscent of Puig’s Kiss of the Spider Woman in prdro admixture of an aging, effeminate, romanticizing homosexual known only via her street name of the Queen of the Corner and a young Marxist revolutionary part of the plot to assassinate Pinochetit retain middo. Pedro Lemebel has published several collections of chronicles and essays in Chile, but as far as I know this is the only book of his that’s been translated into English.

In questa Santiago che grida contro i soprusi, Fata accoglie nel suo piccolo regno Carlos, i suoi compagni e le numerose casse. She pedo calluses from being teased so much. Hay que querer a Lemebel.