In a study on ponds in the Golestan Province, Iran, a number of shrimps was caught and identified as Macrobrachium nipponense. Due to the. A population of the Oriental River Prawn Macrobrachium nipponense is recorded from Anzali Lagoon, along the shores of the southern Caspian Sea in Iran, with. The oriental river prawn (Macrobrachium nipponense) is mainly distributed in East Asia. The phylogeography, population genetic structure and.

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The cabinet-type air dryer compared with under vacuum dryer showed that despite the darker color, it has the least chemical and microbial changes. Current status of shrimp aquaculture in Taiwan.

In this study, the results of moisture measurement showed that moisture content increased with increasing storage time at ambient temperature. But in this study, the TVN of dried peeled shrimp in cabinet-type air, oven and under vacuum conditions along with vacuum nipponenes in metalize films after 6 months was respectively, It was rinsed with chloroform, but was not exceed mark of volumetric.

TVN is an indicator for the novelty detection in food products [ 27 ]. The dried samples after removal of shell, head and tail were under vacuum packaged into metalized polyethylene films. In general, the amount of FFA increased with increasing time, but no significant difference was observed between the samples.

Macrobrachium nipponense – Wikipedia

Shrimp is a nutritious food and a popular marine product among the people, which has long been considered. Shrimp generally presents low levels of fatty acids and conversely high levels of cholesterol.


Methods that are improve the quality of shrimp and efficiency and also be reducing the energy consumption.

macrobradhium The brown index kacrobrachium in the cabinet-type air dryer was low, that means these samples were darker. Fatty acid compositions of dried shrimps by three methods cabinet-type air, oven and under vacuum dryers. On the other hand, Niamnuy et al. The minimum and maximum of egg volume were 0. At the end, the samples were stored at ambient temperature for 6 months.

Histological changes in cuticular epithelial cells after WSSV infection. The dried shrimp by the cabinet-type air dryer compared to dried shrimp by the oven and vacuum dryers reduced the number of microorganisms and showed statistically a significant difference. The amount of shrimp ash in three drying methods included cabinet-type air, oven and under vacuum dryers was also respectively 9.

Macrobrachium nipponense (De Haan, 1849)

Prevalence of white spot syndrome virus infection detected by one-step and nested PCR in selected tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon hatcheries. But Niamunuy et al.

Controlled bioassay systems for determination of lethal infective doses of tissue homogenates containing Taura syndrome or white spot syndrome virus. Also, this is one of the most important freshwater native shrimp in the countries of China, Korea and Japan [ 3 ]. Comparison of methods did not show any significant difference between the samples except in the sixth month.


Thiobarbituric acid substances TBA were determined by the steam distillation method [ 12 ].

Also, Greene and Cumuze [ 24 ] reported that the values of thiobarbituric acid above 0. The PV of samples was calculated by using the following formula: Total volatile nitrogen of the samples was determined according to the protocol of Woyewoda et al. Drying macrborachium vacuum dryer, gave a beautiful orange color to the sample so that, it was quite effective in absorbing all panel members during sensory evaluation.

So keeping the dried shrimp in a vacuum package and at the low temperature will keep the pigment in them. Briefly, 10 macorbrachium sample and ml distilled water was added to a round bottom distillation flask ml.

But the color of dried shrimp meat appeared a little darker. But from the third month onwards, the number of yeasts increased from to in dried shrimp by the oven and vacuum dryers. The mixture was dried using anhydrous Na 2 SO 4 and filtered. NaCl nipponsnse at boiling temperature for 3 min. Traditional methods are usually used to dry fish and shrimp such as sunshine and hot air.

The dry shrimp can be introduced as a suitable product or snacks for children.